August 24, 2017

FIT TIP: Walt Disney, Katie Perry, Henry Ford, J.K. Rowling, J-Z, Jim Carey, Oprah, Stephen King, Bill Gates and Thomas Edison: We all know the names of these now successful people who failed MANY, MANY times before they got it right. Keep this in mind next time you feel discouraged, frustrated and like you can’t got on…;)


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Amy Fournier is a former People-Pleaser now Healthy Lifestyle Entrepreneur. She specializes in managing and maximizing ENERGY, emotional fitness, natural health and beauty from the inside out. She is the Founder of Miami Fitness & Lifestyle®, located in North Andover, Massachusetts which is a unique fusion of specialty fitness classes with community and fun for women. Amy considers herself to be a student of life and a work in progress – she is also a vlogger, author, International fitness cover model, workshop presenter, dance, fitness and yoga instructor, philanthropist, friend, daughter, nap-lover and lucky Mom to cute little fur-baby, Charlotte.