My 5-Minute Habit that Sets My Day Off Right! Oct 7, 2017

My 5-Minute Habit that Sets My Day Off Right!

Anybody who knows me knows I’m super active, busy and ambitious but I wanted to share with you a little habit I’ve been doing that might surprise you. I do it every morning and it takes only 5 minutes but is super POWERFUL and sets the tone for my entire... read more
Aug 24, 2017

FIT TIP: Walt Disney, Katie Perry, Henry Ford, J.K. Rowling, J-Z, Jim Carey, Oprah, Stephen King, Bill Gates and Thomas Edison: We all know the names of these now successful people who failed MANY, MANY times before they got it right. Keep this in mind next time you... read more
12 Steps to Self-Care Jul 28, 2017

12 Steps to Self-Care

Take a look at this Self-Care list that one of my good friends and mentors shared with me. Numbers 3, 6 and 7 are my most challenging ones. Which ones are yours? Please feel free to print and post this list on your desktop to remind yourself that there’s only... read more
6 “Healthy” Foods That Are Keeping You Fat Jun 15, 2017

6 “Healthy” Foods That Are Keeping You Fat

Time and time again I hear of people upset and frustrated that they are “eating healthy” but still can’t loose weight. Here are 6 common foods that I often see as the culprits. These foods usually cause people to hold on to the extra pounds because... read more
FEATURED DARING SPIRIT: Amy Fournier Apr 21, 2017


By Barbara Holbrook April 19, 2017   Amy Fournier considers herself a reformed People-Pleaser turned Healthy Lifestyle Entrepreneur. She specializes in emotional fitness, stress and energy management, work-life balance, natural health and beauty from the inside... read more
Are You a Sugar Burner or a Fat Burner? Apr 16, 2017

Are You a Sugar Burner or a Fat Burner?

If you’re like me you don’t have time to be sick. You have goals, dreams and aspirations for your life that require a high level of good and consistent energy. You want to feel amazing as much as possible and you want to look as good as possible while... read more
Increasing Your Happy Chemicals! Feb 23, 2017

Increasing Your Happy Chemicals!

We all wanna feel good, right? Well “emotions” are caused by brain/body chemicals that we’ve inherited from our mammalian ancestors, but we also can control them with neural pathways we build from things that happen to us in our lives. Emotions are caused... read more
Natural Cold Prevention and Treatment Jan 9, 2017

Natural Cold Prevention and Treatment

The average adult has about 3 colds per year and kids get about 8 colds per year but you don’t have to be one of them! Here are some top tips I’ve put together for natural cold prevention and treatment: 1. Eliminate All Sugar Studies have shown that 1 teaspoon... read more
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