Aug 9, 2012

Are Low-Carb, Low-Sugar Foods Making You Fat?

Are you on a low-carb or low-sugar diet to lose weight? Well you might be surprised to learn that many of the low carb, low sugar foods that you are eating are actually quite high in carbs and sugar! Unfortunately, misleading, and downright deceptive, labels and... read more
Aug 9, 2012

Why You Can’t Lose Weight Despite Diet and Exercise

Do you watch what you eat and exercise regularly but still can‘t seem to lose weight? You could be suffering from what has been termed “the 21st Century Illness”: Adrenal Fatigue. What is it? Sadly, in our busy, stressed out society, this disorder is shockingly common... read more
Aug 9, 2012

How Fast Are You Aging?

Do you look your age? Do you feel your age? Most people want to look and feel younger yet sadly think that many of the typical symptoms of aging are just an inevitable part of racking up the years! The good news is that how you age is actually more under your control... read more
Natural Cold Prevention and Treatment Aug 9, 2012

Natural Cold Prevention and Treatment

Did you know the average adult has about 3 colds per year and kids get about 8 colds per year? Don’t be one of them! Here are some top tips I’ve put together for natural cold prevention and treatment: Tips for Preventing Colds and Flu…and How to Treat One... read more
Amy’s Top 10 Requirements for Holistic Health Aug 9, 2012

Amy’s Top 10 Requirements for Holistic Health

Before you pop that aspirin for a headache, drink a second cup of coffee for energy or buy that $200 dollar bottle of anti-wrinkle cream, take a look at this list of some of the key basic necessities required for the health of your body and your mind: Drink pure water... read more
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