Anti-Aging Starts with Your Mindset! Jun 24, 2013

Anti-Aging Starts with Your Mindset!

I get asked all the time about how I have so much energy and look years younger than my age. Well, here’s a very important tip for you to keep in mind about staying youthful both inside and out: Just because something is “typical” doesn’t mean... read more
My Fit Travel Kit Nov 15, 2012

My Fit Travel Kit

Stay Healthy When You Travel With My Fit Travel Kit!     Introducing my Fit Travel Kit- full of healthy, effective and all-natural items that I use to stay on top of my game, keep my immune system strong  and minimize stress when I’m on the road.... read more
50 Shades of Fit! Aug 29, 2012

50 Shades of Fit!

We all know that being fit involves eating healthy and exercising, but to be truly– or completely- fit in mind and body also involves a variety of lifestyle factors such as maintaining the right mental attitude, getting enough sleep and how you spend your time... read more
Fruit and Belly Fat! Aug 15, 2012

Fruit and Belly Fat!

READER’S QUESTION: Hi Amy, I had a small question, please do answer when you find time. I keep eating lots of fruits such as  apple, grapes, strawberries…. I wanted to know how much fruits we should eat per day? I take less food and try to eat fruits more.... read more
My Favorite Healthy Go-To Snacks! Aug 15, 2012

My Favorite Healthy Go-To Snacks!

You’ve heard me say it many times…your diet is 80% of how your body looks and feels! Here are some of my favorite quick and easy snacks that I use to keep me feeling great and staying fit and trim! To see more of my favorite snacks as well my top... read more
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