Carb Overdose? 5 Tips to Get Back on Track Fast! Aug 15, 2012

Carb Overdose? 5 Tips to Get Back on Track Fast!

After a couple of decades in the health and fitness industry, I’ve seen the same things derail the best efforts of my clients.until I teach them these powerful tips. Here is my Carbohydrate Damage Control Plan designed to minimize the damage and get back on... read more
Qualities that Separate the Fit from the Wanna-Be-Fit! Aug 15, 2012

Qualities that Separate the Fit from the Wanna-Be-Fit!

If you’ve ever wondered what separates the people who lose weight and keep it off- staying fit year after year, you’re in luck! I’ve wondered it too! So I did some research and found out! People who get fit and stay fit all share specific traits and mind-sets that are... read more
Amy’s No-No List! Aug 14, 2012

Amy’s No-No List!

All forms of SUGAR!Including “Hidden Sources” like Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Maltose, Brown Rice Syrup, Corn Starch, Agave, Dates! High-fructose Corn Syrup! Look for it in soda, sauces, ketchup, salad dressing, cereal, bread, cookies, cakes, snack foods, canned fruits... read more
Does the Scale Matter? Aug 14, 2012

Does the Scale Matter?

Hey Amy — I’ve been working out for some time now and started weighing myself to track my progress but am confused and frustrated! The number on the scale is barely budging but I feel like I’ve lost some weight so what gives? Am I just wasting my time?... read more
Help with Salt Cravings Aug 14, 2012

Help with Salt Cravings

Hey Amy — HELP! I have a huge craving for salty chips and snacks and I think it’s ruining my diet! What can I do?? –Sucker for Salt ANSWER: Hi Sucker for Salt, Cravings are usually an indication of the body needing some sort of missing nutrient. SALTY... read more
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