If you needed to see proof of the mind-body connection, here it is!

In his famous life’s work, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing how words, prayers, music and environment can actually physically change the crystal structure of water.

It’s so important and reminds us how our thoughts and feelings really DO psychically affect both our bodies and our environment!

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Check out this fun, 5- Minute Luscious Legs Workout I put together for the folks over at Empower Fitness. It will help to get your legs toned and lean and pump up your whole metabolism too!

I love Empower Fitness for many reasons – the great people, the superior products and the fun and friendly vibe but most of all because their mission and philosophy is very much in line with mine: They strive to empower women to be happy, healthy, and strong with fitness solutions that educate, motivate, entertain, and inspire.

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Day 1: I Am Worthy of Love Just Because I Exist

In an effort to help promote emotional and mental fitness, I designed a free 1-2 minute morning video series of various motivational, uplifting and spiritual readings that have helped me to get in the right frame of mind to take on my day and life. I hope it helps YOU start your day off on the right foot and with some good energy!

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One try and I was hooked and had to have one.

The BelleCore Body Buffer is completely different from any other massager I’ve ever used. It’s got a super powerful, oscillating motion that is also REALLY powerful and I can feel it instantly penetrating my tight muscles and fascia to help increase blood and lymphatic flow and reduce soreness and tension. Plus, I’m told it collagen formation and help break up cellulite (AKA anti-aging)!

LOVE IT…Give it a try yourself 😉
Thank you BelleCore!