June 4, 2017

Debunking the Saturated Fat-Cholesterol and Healthy Diet Myth

If you are familiar with any of my work, previous articles, eBooks, workshops or webinars, then you know my philosophy is that a very important part of health these days is having the ability to resist the urge to quickly believe 2-minute, sensationalized sound bites on the news or the latest fad diet your brother’s neighbor’s friend is doing and instead learn the basics of how your body actually works and then using your own logic and body symptoms to know what’s best for you.

I’ve found the diet that works best for me – and apparently thousands and thousands of others, is following a natural, real food, low carbohydrate, moderate protein and high fat diet.

Research shows that It’s not only the most effective for fat loss and high energy but also in helping treat and often reverse various ailments including:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Acid Reflux (GERD)
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Heart Disease
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • MS
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Skin problems
  • Longevity
  • Mood disorders
  • Energy problems
  • Low blood sugar/hypoglycemia

However a common fear I still hear from some people is that they are still conditioned with the faulty belief that eating saturated fat and cholesterol might actually be bad for health.

A look back at the evolution of the science of diet and health shows that traditionally people had always eaten diets with adequate amounts of natural healthy fats and minimal starchy carbs, grains, processed foods and sugars. And they certainly had much better health markers than we have today to show for it!

Time and time again, hard science has disproved the out-dated hypothesis that eating foods with cholesterol and saturated fat cause heart disease and illness.

There’s volumes and VOLUMES of published, high-quality research on this. If you’re interested to see if it might be right for you I encourage you to check out the HFLC diet.

Here’s a great article to get you started!

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Amy Fournier is a former People-Pleaser now Healthy Lifestyle Entrepreneur. She specializes in managing and maximizing ENERGY, emotional fitness, natural health and beauty from the inside out. She is the Founder of Miami Fitness & Lifestyle®, located in North Andover, Massachusetts which is a unique fusion of specialty fitness classes with community and fun for women. Amy considers herself to be a student of life and a work in progress – she is also a vlogger, author, International fitness cover model, workshop presenter, dance, fitness and yoga instructor, philanthropist, friend, daughter, nap-lover and lucky Mom to cute little fur-baby, Charlotte.

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