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Abs in the Kitchen Recipes: Eat Your Way to a Lean, Sexy Healthy Body FAST!

As a mother of two small children, I am always searching for new healthy recipes. Over the years, I have learned that dieting does not work for me. It makes me irritable and tired! I have also realized that what I thought was “healthy eating” for so many years really is not. I turned to fruits (lots of them), whole grain crackers, organic granola bars, etc and wondered why I still wasn’t gaining the energy I needed to be a good mom, wife and teacher. Abs in the Kitchen Recipes has provided me with the information I need to make lifestyle changes in my diet; changes that can easily be put into my daily eating routine. Abs in the Kitchen Recipes has quickly become my number one resource for easy, healthy, delicious recipes! I have been making Amy’s recipes a part of my daily life and have seen a HUGE boost in my energy level. I never feel deprived and love the variety of snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert choices! Thank you, Amy, for sharing your recipes, knowledge and AMAZING Zumba classes. You have helped me develop the healthy life style I have dreamed of having!

Jamie Meeker

I want to thank Amy for writing this book and sharing her knowledge about wholesome foods which she applies to excellent recipes. I, like many others, have tried fad diets which never worked on a long term basis. What I like about her approach is not only the delicious recipes but it’s also a wonderful resource book. After reading her book over a few times, I decided to slowly integrate a healthier meal plan. I made one of her recipes a day, started to work out and lost about 5 pounds in a week. I have now become much more aware of what type of foods I eat.such as processed or wholesome. I get mostly organic foods, continue to incorporate her recipes and suggested products and can honestly say I find myself more able to avoid junk food! Thanks again for helping me.and anyone else who gets this book.. on our journey to a healthier body!

Lynn Arsenault

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, thinking that the way you eat would be “too healthy” for me, wouldn’t taste that good and not be convenient to feed my family. I but boy was I wrong! I’ve always tried to eat healthy -or at least thought I was- but now I understand better what I was doing wrong for all this time. I already feel so much better and I can’t believe how satisfying and delicious everything is.and so affordable! I laugh ‘cuse now my family doesn’t even know they’re eating “healthy”! (While babysitting my granddaughter recently, I made one of your recipes and we BOTH loved it- she could not get enough!) Thank you so much for making this book Amy. Everyone should read it…can’t wait for your next one!

Mercedes Spindler

I just recently ordered Amy’s eBook: Abs in the Kitchen Recipes and it is amazing! The recipes are simple, easy and quick. I’ve been trying to cook healthier the last couple of months and this cookbook has given me a whole new batch of very different and tasty recipes to try. The ingredients are easily found in most health food markets and it’s fun to experiment with something new. It’s a pretty straightforward book, and it has given me a new perspective on healthy eating. Amy has so much energy and passion for what she does and it shows in this book. Try it — you’ll love it!

Carla Tassinari

Abs in the Kitchen Recipes is a collection of easy-to-make, American Cuisine that appeals to a variety of palates. Simply stated and to-the-point, Amy Fournier encourages her readers to fuel their bodies with the nutrients needed for success. The ingredients are easy to find and budget-friendly. Recipes are simple to prepare and delicious to eat. This is a must-read book for anyone seeking a strong immune system, and a healthy body that will look and feel fantastic.

Jessica Spinazola

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