Defense® Nutrition Whey Protein Powder and Products
Defense Nutrtion 300x250Wmilk

This company is AMAZING! Here’s a great resource for high quality, all natural nutritional products like protein powders, bars, anti-stress, anti-aging and metabolic support supplements, books, audios and more!

I love Defense® Nutrition’s whey protein products because they are made with premium pasture raised, grass-fed whey protein, exclusively formulated with only natural food based ingredient, no added sugar, no sugar alcohol, no soy and nothing artificial. Warrior Whey® shakes and bars are a natural yummy alternatives to today’s chemically treated, heat damaged protein foods and products. Only the best for your body!

I’m a huge fan of Warrior Whey® protein powder…especially the Pumpkin Pie! It’s so healthy and delicious I often eat it for desert!