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Healthy Living Workshops

Approximately once a month I hold workshops, meetings or events on various topics addressing holistic health, wellness, beauty, anti-aging and fitness. Unless otherwise indicated, all these workshops are held at Miami Fitness & Lifestyle located in North Andover, Massachusetts and are open to the public. NOTE: Space is limited and they usually sell out so we highly recommend you register as soon as you can to save your spot! 

“Amy is such an amazing trend-setter! She’s ALWAYS THE FIRST to introduce a new healthy product, workout or way of thinking! We never know what she’s going to introduce us to next but whatever it is it’s always AMAZING and helpful!”

“Amy is so knowledgeable and has a knack to be able to connect with all types of people: young, old…whatever…and make you feel incredibly inspired!”

“Amy is such an inspiration for what a human should be. She has a beautiful spirit that transfers to others to help them feel positive and like life has positive possibilities!”

“So much good info! This is the first time I’ve considered my food choices based on health rather than on fat/calorie content. Life changing!!!”

Some of My Healthy Living and Wellness Workshop Topics Include:

  • Happy Chemicals: Increasing Your Feel-Good Hormones Naturally
  • Awakening Your Divine Feminine/The Chicks Who Rock Women’s Group
  • Foundations In Health: The 4 Keys to a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Tapping into Your Power Source: Cultivating Creativity, Emotions, Power and Feminine Essence
  • Understanding the Mind-Body Connection with the 7 Chakras
  • The Amazing Healing Power of Essential Oils
  • Jump Start Your Summer Body
  • Better Bodies: Building Core Strength, Perfecting Posture and Easing Pain
  • Beautiful Fitness: Diet and Lifestyle Tips for Keeping Your Inner Glow
  • Nutrition for Menopause
  • Dance Like a Rock Star: Basics Steps Class
  • Managing Your Moods: The 4 Key Brain Chemicals that Run the Show!

“So informative and inspiring!! I learned so many things I never knew and now feel I have the tools I need to go out and make the changes I want.THANK YOU!”

Chicks Who Rock! Women’s Group 

Get that GLOW and radiate from within ~ Time to create the life you’ve always wanted: One with more clarity, peace of mind, fun, love, fulfillment and joy!

Now you can join a special, private community of like-minded women who have come together for the purposes of love, support, learning, feeling, sharing, friendship and fun. Throughout this series of meetings and events, you will learn how to make time for what’s really important to you in your busy day, learn how to stop sabotaging yourself and create more of what you want to achieve your personal goals, learn your value, find your voice, build your confidence, balance your feminine/masculine energies, feel comfortable in your own skin, fire up your enthusiasm and passion and live with more joy and meaning…all in a safe, supportive environment of friends.
*Includes monthly in-person meetings, handouts and a membership to a private Facebook page!

Here’s a Followup Clip to Real Women Eat Workshop Attendees April 2017


What some folks have to say… 🙂

“I have felt so much more sure of myself since I started this group. I know I have the tools to build myself stronger again.” – Sarah Terrazzano, Groveland, MA.


“Very freeing. You gave me permission to be me!” – Sheri, Wilmington, MA


“Awakening Your Divine Feminine/CWR is a fantastic program! Since beginning this journey, I have felt more joy, am more centered and now have additional tools at my disposal for personal growth as a human and as a woman. It’s an inspirational community of women exploring their divine nature: a community of sharing!” – Joanne K., Georgetown, MA


“Amy’s group has helped me feel more connected with other women, making me realize I am not alone and we all are working on creating balance in our lives.” – Shannon, Haverhill, MA.


“I can finally accept that I may not be perfect, but I am enough and I can continuously be a work in progress. What a beautiful way to live.” – Robyn A., Methuen, MA


“OMGEEEEE – feeling amazing! Went home feeling peaceful and ready to take on myself. And still feeling good!” – Lisa Belfiore, Plaistow, NH


“Very freeing! You gave me permission to be me!” -S.W., Andover, MA


“I entered the workshop feeling unbalanced and left feeling nurtured, calm and collected.” – J. M., Andover, MA


“Amy is such a wealth of valuable information and the manner in which she shares her knowledge is not only as a facilitator but more importantly ~ as a friend would in a fun and intimate setting.  The workshops are held in a very nurturing environment which has enabled me to be very relaxed and receptive to new ways of thinking while allowing me to open up and share my life experiences, hopes, fears and dreams within the context of the subject matter.  Another A.D.F. positive is that I have met many wonderful, insightful, intelligent and thought provoking women whom I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. It’s a wonderful experience and I am thrilled  to be part of this very supportive and encouraging series that Amy has developed and is sharing with us.  Thank you Amy!” -Marisa Kafantis, Andover MA

Some of the topics our Chicks Who Rock (CWR) group covers include:

  • Feel more connected with your true, higher self
  • Learn how to make time for what’s really important to you in your busy day
  • Feel more in of control and less “reactive” in your life and your emotions
  • Overcome the “Good Girl” Syndrome and the Disease to Please
  • Discover methods to balance your feminine/masculine energies
  • Learn your worth, value, find your voice and lose the need for outside validation or approval
  • How to stop sabotaging yourself, feeling frustrated and “flat”
  • Methods to fire up your enthusiasm, mojo and passion and live with more joy and meaning
  • Expand and bullet-proof your self-confidence and sensuality
  •  Bring more clarity and balance in your life
  • Discover the Universal Laws of Nature that govern our lives like the Law of Attraction, Law of Allowing and Law of Least Effort and how to make them work for you
...and after taking care of everyone else, it’s time to do something that is just FOR YOU!

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 3 Easy Ways to SAVE YOUR SPOT:

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2. Download our free phone APP: “Miami Fitness” and sign up under “Special Events”


“The workshops are mind-opening and yet totally relevant to daily life- I always learn something that is useful immediately. Amy is a wealth of info and always gets me thinking!”

“I can finally accept that I may not be perfect, but I AM ENOUGH!! And I can continuously be a work in progress. What a beautiful way to live”.

Amy is a fabulous mentor of how to embrace life in it’s purest, most virginal form. She teaches concepts that are essential and life-enriching but have been lost thru society’s influence. – Amy Lynne C.J. -Haverhill, MA


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