Amy is the best Zumba teacher and Boot Camp leader you will ever be able to find- we have a treasure right in our own backyard! Her energy, expertise, experience and knowledge are all outstanding, and no other teacher, nice as they are, can hold a candle to her. Amy is the seasoned professional, everyone else is the new kid on the block, the ordinary teacher, and there are lots of those around all over the place.

Franny H.

The Zumba Boot Camp Workshop has changed my life in so many ways! Not only has it been a great way to jump start the day but Amy is a great teacher, motivator and has been an inspiration to me. She’s thoughtful, kindhearted and driven by her passion to help others. Her love and support she provides to everyone is beyond words. Thank you for everything!

Gail D.

Zumba Bootcamp with Amy is absolutely amazing! It’s a total body workout with fun music and the best instructor around. The abs portion and nutrition info is a PLUS! It’s like learning “secrets” you always wished you knew on how to become healthy and fit! It’s hard work, but well worth it!

Effie Saragas- Andover, MA

This is the best way to start your day!!! Amy keeps you energized and focused. AWESOME CLASS!

Mercedes Spindler

It hurts soooooo good!! I am stronger physically and mentally. The nutrition part helps me stay on track. My body IS changing!!!

Paula Collins

Well worth getting up at the crack of dawn! Intense, fast-paced, whole-body workout. Felt AMAZING after class!!

Mary Russo

Another amazing bootcamp this morning! The meal examples you gave us today really help to solidify everything you’ve been teaching. So excited for another great workout on Thursday!

Christa Milley

Amy brings years of experience and knowledge, energy, imagination, enthusiasm and professionalism you don’t find anywhere else. She truly cares about whether the experience is positive and whether we get successful results. She isn’t just marking her time, her dedication is apparent every at every class she leads.

Class Attendee

Zumba Bootcamp with Amy is the best! Amy is an amazing professional, and such a passionate and inspiring leader. Her workouts are challenging and there’s always something unexpected… (in a good way!) It was especially fun getting to see so many classmates get the results they were after over the course of the workshop — lots of lost pounds and inches. I’m SO signing up for the next session. Can’t wait!

Jennifer, Mother of 5 month-old

Awesome Zumba Bootcamp sessions! If you need toning, THIS is the place to be! Stay healthy with great nutrition facts. What a way to jumpstart your day!

Gail Daniels

I have SO much energy and I can feel my abs and body shape changing! I feel so much stronger and healthier. I highly recommend this class in addition to your regular workout.

Franny Eisenman

Amy’s Zumba Bootcamp is unbelievable- out of all the instructors I’ve ever met, Amy is truly inspiring! I’m glad to get up for 6am to be there!!!

Merit T.

Great way to have your body pull your spirit up at the start of your day!

Colleen M.