Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

102. You are an Ancestor of the Future! Celtic Wisdom, Nature Reciprocity, Connecting to the Land and Death, our Friend & Guide with Moya McGinley

For nature lovers, land stewards and spiritual folks alike… This episode is all about developing a reciprocal relationship with nature, connecting with ancestral wisdom of the past and comprehending death: the guide, friend and ticket to a life of joy and self-development.

My guest Moya McGinley is a native Irish palliative care nurse, shaman and steward of Cosán Ciúin, her sacred land and farm retreat in Ireland. She strives to live simply and gently in true communion with the land, and feels that when we live in this harmonious way we are reminded that every moment of life is precious and sacred.

Moya is a Reiki Master with degrees and certifications in social science, aromatherapy, holistic massage and life coaching. She completed a year-long shamanic apprenticeship with a Native Mexican Medicine Woman in addition to other advanced shamanic study. Her comfort and connection with the spiritual world resonates through the topics we cover in this episode and illuminates the mystical history of Ireland, which she regards as a sacred threshold between the physical and spirit worlds.

In this beautiful episode we learn about Moya’s reciprocal relationship with nature and how her land revealed its ancestral secrets to her, including the previously unknown location of a sacred Celtic fire pit that was later confirmed by an archeologist’s findings. We talk about our new human role as guardians of the earth and how we must step up as ancestors of the future. Moya’s past in palliative care and her own personal near-death experience grants her exquisite insight and trust in Death, that widely feared and inevitable force we will all meet one day. We discuss attachment, suffering and acceptance, and how to access the state of unconditional love and faith we’re all striving for (whether we know it or not!). You can learn more about Moya’s amazing story and offerings at

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00:06:44 Moya’s Traditional Irish Upbringing

00:12:41 Amy’s Homestead Search

00:18:45 Restoring The Reciprocal Relationship With Our Planet

00:22:43 How Moya Listens To Her Land

00:27:39 Cultivating A Centered Space

00:31:03 The Value Of Eating Local

00:36:13 Mora’s Work With Death

00:44:54 The Celtic Traditions

00:50:26 Mora’s Advice For Connecting With The Spirit World

00:53:59 Simple Tips For Protecting Mother Earth

00:59:00 A Message Of Acceptance And Loving

01:05:35 Supporting Our Animals Through Old Age

01:08:49 How To Find Mora

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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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