Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

111. Holistic Pet Care and Embodying the Essence of Alpha with Canine Expert and Dog Shaman, Sasha Armstrong

Humans and canines have peacefully coexisted and co-evolved for more than 30,000 years: a relationship that rivals our history with tools, fire making and organized settlements. Some believe humans helped dogs evolve into the fluffy companions of today while others argue that dogs are the ones responsible for modern human civilizations. Whatever the case may be, the human-canine relationship is factually primal and deeply ingrained in our cultures, instincts and DNA.

But recently, something has changed in the way we treat our canine friends. That *something* also extends to our behavior towards nature, agriculture, our children, our communities and even ourselves. As a whole, humans have less time, experience more stress, create less quality and waste more quantity. We make so much noise that we can’t even hear ourselves think. We need so many things that we run out of space to consider what those around us might be needing and feeling.

Sasha Armstrong, my wonderful guest today, has a very compelling message for dog-lovers, leaders, parents and healers alike. As the founder and creator of the Canine State of Mind program, she educates canine owners on how to build stronger, mutually respectful relationships with their dogs through body language and energetics. Mastering her craft for more than twenty years, Sasha has helped over 1000 dog owners meet the needs of their pet by bridging the communication gap and uncovering energies both the dog and human exude at any given time.

You can find Sasha at her website, her Instagram @caninestateofmind and her Tik Tok @canine_stateofmind.

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00:07:30 Why Are We So Attached To Our Dogs?

00:11:47 The Canine-Human Evolutionary Idea

00:15:50 Our Dog Partnerships Are Suffering

00:20:58 What Is Good Leadership?

00:30:16 Off Your A-Game?

00:34:21 Peaceful Coexistence

00:43:15 Sasha’s Pack Leader Tips

00:45:43 Working With “Violent” Dogs

00:50:10 The Importance Of Self Care

00:52:09 Canine Nutrition

00:55:33 Three Valuable Aspects Of A Raw Diet

01:00:28 Issues With Selective Breeding

01:03:46 Second Thoughts About Medications

01:10:14 Finding An Integrative Vet

01:14:56 Sasha’s Mission

01:21:23 Sasha’s Offerings

01:26:23 What Have Dogs Taught You?

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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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