Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

116. The Biology of Femininity: Hormone Wisdom, Hysterectomies, EMFs and Healing from Modern Medicine With Dr. Elizabeth Plourde C.L.S., NCMP, PhD (Part I)

What does it mean to feel like “yourself”?

Are you energetic? Joyful? Do you love to wear certain colors or repeat specific phrases?

Did you know that there is an orchestra of miniscule compounds flowing from your organs and glands and through your bloodstream that together create this beautiful dynamic art piece you call “yourself”?

Well, these little reality-weavers are called HORMONES! The topic of hormones has come up in many episodes of Awakening Aphrodite because…WOW, they determine so much about us: how we look, how we act, how we feel, our quality of life and so much more!

This information-rich episode features Dr. Elizabeth Plourde C.L.S., NCMP, PhD, a prolific researcher, author and clinical laboratory scientist. Her extensive background includes working with cutting edge DNA and cancer research laboratories, dissecting and debunking the Western idea of “sunscreen,” educating the world about EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and guiding women through menopause as a North American Menopause Society Certified Menopause Practitioner.

Surprised to find that her ovaries had been removed along with her planned hysterectomy at age 43, Dr. Plourde dove deep into the research on biology and female physiology as her health rapidly deteriorated. Our organs are NOT dispensable and our hormones are here to support us through ALL phases of life. We’ll talk about the role of estrogen in bone health, cardiovascular health, sleep and neurological fitness as we journey through Dr. Plourde’s fascinating life story and wise advice for women’s health. We also dive into EMF’s and their mysterious impact on the health of people, animals, insects and nature worldwide.

Let’s educate ourselves, lead healthy, happy, vibrant lives and take care of our beautiful planet! Thank you for joining me, and please consider leaving me a review and sharing this episode with someone you love.

Dr. Plourde’s amazing book titles include:

EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution 3rd Edition 2018

Sunscreens Biohazard 2: Proof of Toxicity Keeps Piling Up 2018

Sunscreens Biohazard: Treat As Hazardous Waste 2012

Hysterectomy: The Best or Worst Thing that Ever Happened to Me? 2003

Your Guide to Hysterectomy, Ovary Removal & Hormone Replacement 2002


00:11:02 Dr. Plourde’s Voracious Search For Truth

00:14:18 Research vs The Researcher

00:16:57 North American Menopause Society Cetified Menopause Practitioner

00:19:17 Dr. Plourde’s Hysterectomy

00:25:43 Don’t Skip To The Conclusion!

00:30:51 More Than A Baby-Making Home

00:38:00 Death By Osteoporosis

00:45:04 The Inaccuracy Of Hormonal Blood Tests

00:48:53 The Origin And Role Of Progesterone

00:57:24 The Reality Of EMFs

01:10:51 Episode 63: All Things EMF

01:22:42 Look Into Our Upcoming Episode On Sunscreen!

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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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