Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

130. The Integral Awakening: Cultivating Your Warrior Spirit Through Darkness, Addiction and Loneliness with Dr. Keith Witt, Clinical Psychologist of the School of Love

“Life conditions create worldviews.”

“It’s hard to get enough of something that almost works.”

These are just two of the many perceptive bytes shared by Dr. Keith in this invigorating episode on personal development, evil, warrior energy, healing, addiction and moral foundations. Wow. What an honor to converse with such a wise man.

Dr. Keith Whitt is a licensed integral psychologist with 8 published books and 50 years of professional counseling experience. He is working on his ninth book currently and he has lived in Santa Barbara, California, since 1973. I first learned about Dr. Keith through Loving Completely: A Five Star Practice for Creating Great Relationships, a classic book of his that I have owned and referenced for many, many years. Dr. Keith specializes in love therapy, interpersonal relationships and human development from multiple perspectives: weaving neuroscience, integral theory, wisdom, traditions, and numerous forms of psychotherapy into a coherent cosmetology of love and healing. You can find out more about Dr. Keith and his offerings for helping you build successful relationships at his website.

In this episode, we get into the essence of the Warrior and Healer archetypes, two identities that Dr. Keith took on as a child after being placed in a psychiatric unit to receive electroconvulsive shock therapy. After sharing his fascinating life story, Dr. Keith posits that each person is born with six innate moral foundations. This leads us into a discussion of evil: How does evil manifest around us? How can we constrain it, prevent it and address our anxiety over the evil in our world? We also touch on the topics of mass formation psychosis, the positive sides of dark concepts, loneliness, addiction and the integral awakening of our time.

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0:07:11  Loving Completely

0:11:46  True Warrior Energy

0:15:00  The 6 Intrinsic Moral Foundations

0:22:20  Mass Formation Psychosis

0:28:13  Chronic Loneliness In Relationships

0:33:35  Dependency Versus Addiction

0:38:21  Primitive Gratification

0:43:03  Empowerment Through Conscious Choice

0:48:07  The Constant Evolution Of Consciousness

0:54:19  Keith’s Advice For Anxiety

0:57:13  External Constraints Versus Demonization

0:59:55  Life Conditions Create World Views

1:03:55  Shadow Light: Illuminations at the Edge of Darkness

1:05:11  The Power Of Relationships: Amy’s Father’s Story

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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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