Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

186. Aging Gracefully and Improving Lifespan and Health Span with Jason Prall

If you’re listening to my podcast, it’s likely that the topics of health and wellness are often on your mind. You probably keep an eye out for the latest superfood discoveries, health hacks and big “no-no” ingredients to avoid. You may even have tried a few of the life-changing products and tools that I use every day to support my energy and wellness.

But how often do you contemplate aging and death?

We generally avoid these topics in our culture due to the uncomfortable reminder that life is finite. In today’s conversation, Jason Prall shares how he’s sought out these realities head-on in attempts to understand how people around the world live, age and die. How you live now will determine how you live later, and though we DO all age (if we’re lucky!) and die, there are proven ways to mature healthfully and gracefully, manage biological age, embrace discomfort and become clear on exactly what we are living for. Yes, Jason Prall is back on the show to teach us about the famous Blue Zones, hormetic stress and how to become a wise elder. His first episode on Awakening Aphrodite is one of my all-time favorites – if you missed it, check it out here: 180. Orienting to Ease, Unlocking Your Power by Expressing Your Feminine and Changing Your Reality with Jason Prall

Jason Prall is a health educator, practitioner, author and filmmaker. In 2018, his independent research and experience as a practitioner led him to create “⁠The Human Longevity Project⁠,” a nine-part film series that uncovers the true nature of chronic disease in our modern world. He’s currently working on his next film series that explores ancient methods of healing mind, body, and soul from indigenous cultures around the world. He’s recently released his best-selling new book titled “⁠Beyond Longevity: A Proven Plan for Healing Faster, Feeling Better, and Thriving at Any Age⁠.”

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to tune into my first conversation with Jason, the popular Episode 80 with longevity expert Dr. Mario Martinez and Episode 79: Wisdom Teachings for Inner Peace with Molly Larkin, apprentice to Bear Heart.



00:00:00 Episode Begins

00:11:06 Jason’s Studies on Longevity

00:17:21 Blue Zones

00:23:49 The Challenges of the Modern World

00:29:36 Finding Peace with Aging

00:34:04 Caught in the Youth Trap

00:39:32 The Need for Elders

00:40:34 Embracing Death

00:45:42 Longevity and Quality

00:48:27 Dr. Mario Martinez

00:50:45 What Are You Living For?

00:56:20 The Mystery of Aging

01:02:36 Embracing Discomfort

01:05:39 Hormetic Stress

01:09:24 The Discomfort of Ease

01:12:29 Biological Adaptations to Stress

01:16:03 Childhood Trauma

01:19:28 Healing Childhood Trauma: The 5 Personality Patterns

01:21:44 Conditioning Around Emotions, Wealth and Race

01:26:32 Dr. Nathan Riley

01:26:49 Top 3 Tips for Aging Gracefully

01:33:44 Jason’s Resources

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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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