Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

187. An Everyday Person’s Guide to Plant Medicine with Daniel Hannah

No doubt plant medicine is currently undergoing a massive revival, and for good reason! Modern society, medicine and even science are just now realizing the legitimate, profound and life-changing effects of these magic elixirs provided to us by Mother Nature.

Yet something that provides such potentially powerful psychoneurological effects doesn’t come without concomitant risks. Most likely you’ve heard of a story or two of someone who has experienced unwanted effects while engaging in their use.

In today’s show, we cut to the chase and address what the the average person needs to know about plant medicine and we ask the question if plant medicines can help improve the quality of life for either us or perhaps someone we know so we can make an informed decision. So whether you have experience with their use or if you’re simply psychadelic-curious, this conversation is for you!

My guest today is Daniel Hannah who is an expert on facilitating medicine journeys for people. He gives it to us straight up and shares his understanding of plant medicine as a way for us to heal from the inside out. Some of the key things discussed include what to look for in a plant medicine experience, how to cope with bad trips and why they happen, what it’s like to engage with spiritual entities and navigate the energy plane, the contagiousness of energy and how to integrate plant medicine lessons into your everyday life.

Daniel Hannah is a life coach from Australia who shares that he was very depressed and on the brink of suicide before experimenting with plant medicines. Upon gaining new access to his subconscious and the spiritual plane beyond with the aid of these powerful medicines, Daniel found his way back to mental and spiritual wellness. He has embraced the nomadic lifestyle and spent the past 5 years living in Vietnam, Mexico, Guatemala, the US, Brazil and Ecuador. He is currently residing and working at a shamanic healing center in the Andes where he supports others on their healing journeys with Ayahuasca and San Pedro.

To learn more about Daniel Hannah, visit, @daniel.e.hannah on Instagram or tune into his podcast, A Wise Man Once Said

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00:09:02 Daniel’s Healing Journey

00:17:24 What Is Plant Medicine?

00:18:52 Amy’s Spiritual Experience

00:21:54 An Intense Journey

00:23:37 Choosing Your Shaman

00:27:13 Examples of Transformation

00:32:15 Take-Home Lessons

00:38:30 Extradimensional Entities

00:41:25 Coming Back From a Bad Trip

00:49:01 Maintaining Your Center

00:54:02 Need-To-Knows

01:04:15 Connecting With Your Spiritual Body

01:09:30 How to Find Daniel

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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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