Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

8 Tips to Be More Beautiful

Have you ever noticed that when you meet someone who is truly “beautiful” it’s not just the way they look that makes you take notice?

There’s something MORE that captivates you.

To me, truly beautiful people glow and radiate an energy and inner peace that is hard not to notice. 😉

Here are some tips that will make you feel better from the inside out:

  1. Practice self-love. 😍

When we take care of bodies and treat ourselves with respect, all other areas of our lives improve. Learning to love yourself can be a life long journey, but is completely worth it.

  1. Eat healthy foods. 🍍

Most of us will feel better if we eat less processed and prepared food, fast food, vegetable oils and sugar and instead eat more natural foods like fresh veggies, pasture-raised meats and eggs, and healthy fat. Food is INSTRUCTION to your body how to function, look and feel!

  1. Drink more water. 💦

Drinking water is an important part of looking and feeling healthy and beautiful. It’s great for your skin and for increasing your energy. Buy a fun water bottle to carry around to remind you to drink all day long.

  1. Move your body every day. ⚡️

I like to say: “Turn on all the switches!” and get things moving inside! You will have increased energy, feel better, and have better overall health along with maintaining a healthy weight.

  1. Get enough sleep. 😴

Lack of sleep leads to brain fog, irritability, difficulty concentrating and great chance of reaching for junk foods and overdoing the caffeine and sugar for a quick pick me up – which will have its own consequences! Aim for eight hours. You will look and feel better.

  1. Start a gratitude practice. 🙏

Do you want to feel better now? Get a pen and start making a list of all you have to be thankful for! The choice to be thankful is yours.

  1. Pick an awesome tribe. 👥

Refuse to spend time with people that dim your light or bring you down. Choose to be around positive, encouraging people that will love and support you no matter what. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS on this one!

  1. Spend time alone. 👈

Make time to connect with yourself. Sit for a few moments in nature or spend time in meditation. Take time to remember who you are, what you want and what you desire to create in the world.

— with Amy Fournier and Abs in the Kitchen Recipes: Eat Your Way to a Lean, Sexy, Healthy Body FAST.

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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