Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

91. Chasing Death, Connecting with Your Soul and Calling In Conscious Relationships While Navigating the Masculine-Feminine Dynamic with Aleks Rybchinskiy

Welcome to one of the most fun, comprehensive and honest discussions ever about calling in and KEEPING conscious relationships and how to navigate through the sometimes rocky, sometimes confusing, but otherwise super important waters of the masculine-feminine dynamic within them and ourselves! My guest today is Aleks Rybchinskiy and as soon as we met, he became a dear friend (you know when you “just know”!?) whose vibrant passion and curiosity for life comes across through his work, relationships and record-breaking achievements. In fact, Aleks is one of the youngest professionals to ever reach a Level 4 training in the prestigious CHEK institute and he has worked in holistic health for 12 years, providing top-level healing services as one of less than 1000 elite practitioners worldwide.

This episode is centered around relationships: the human relationship with death, how to communicate with your soul, why we need to connect with our authentic selves and, most significantly, how to call in and maintain a conscious soulmate relationship. Aleks shares some incredible relationship advice that I wish I’d heard when I was much younger. Trust me– whether you’re manifesting your soulmate, maintaining a relationship or questioning whether your current partner is THE ONE, you’ll learn something in this fascinating and intimate discussion. Aleks speaks from personal relationship experience with his amazing wife Sara Gustafson, who you can meet (twice!) in episodes 64 and 65 on Awakening Aphrodite.

In this episode you’ll also hear Aleks and I talk about what it’s like to personally work with Paul Chek as students and clients. Aleks tells tales of chasing and nearly missing death as an adrenaline junkie and helps us to understand the dangers of confusing a lack of chaos in life with being bored. I share my thoughts on plant medicines in our conversation about the ego and the soul, and Aleks clears up misconceptions about “surrender” and what that word really means. I also ask Aleks to speak on what it means to be masculine in the modern world, and how a man can successfully balance the feminine within themselves and authentically relate to the women in their lives.

Lastly, Aleks advises us to practice “scaring” your dates away (haha!) with honesty! Meaning: get good at showing potential partners who you really are, and if they stick around you’ll have something to work with!

00:10:07 A Near-Death Experience

00:14:01 Adrenaline Junkie

00:18:27 Aleks’ History And Life With The Chek Institute

00:25:56 Find A Partner Who Challenges You

00:28:04 Manifesting Your Soulmate

00:33:28 How Aleks Recognized His Soul Mate

00:37:42 Working Through Challenges And Triggers In Your Relationship

00:46:13 Exploring The Shadow To Grow

00:52:48 Death, Fear And Ego

00:57:22 Tips On Connecting With Your Soul

01:01:36 Meeting The Pain Teacher

01:08:55 What Does It Mean To Be Masculine?

01:17:35 Masculine-Feminine Balance

01:22:58 Thoughts On Masculinity

01:28:41 Tips For Cultivating Softness

01:36:15 What Is A Conscious Relationship?

01:44:05 Honesty, Values And Relationships

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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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