Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

95. Understanding the Masculine and Feminine Nature of the Sun and Moon to Be More of Your Authentic Self with Holistic Astrologer, Fatima-Zahra

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Awakening Aphrodite for another insightful & fascinating episode with my beloved repeat guest, Fatima-Zahra! Fatima-Zahra is a holistic astrologer with a unique perspective on the zodiac that includes ancient symbolism, archetypes and a deep understanding of the divine polarities. If you haven’t heard our last episode together and you resonate with this conversation, please check out Episode 85, the Power and Significance of Esoteric Symbols, Sacred Geometry and Biogeometry.

Did you know that the planets and stars each represent one side of the great Masculine-Feminine duality? That’s right… the signs within your personal zodiac are considered to be either “male” or “female,” a dynamic that may affect you in ways you’ve never considered before!

In this episode, Fatima-Zahra explains how the duality concept is not necessarily sexual or gender-based. I too believe that everything and everyone holds aspects of both masculine and feminine archetypes, and that it is up to us to have the wisdom and discretion to know when to access those different energies within us all.

Fatima-Zahra and I talk at length about the symbolism and significance of the sun and moon as they represent the dualities within us all. The moon is a reflective, intuitive force that astrologically symbolizes our authenticity, creativity and divine feminine. This is why, according to Fatima-Zahra, we should not overly identify with our sun sign, despite what mainstream zodiac culture would have you believe. Fatima-Zahra also speaks about Black Moon Lilith, an astrological aspect that I’ve personally never heard of! She explains how this ancient, powerful and dark feminine force plays out in the astrological plane, influencing the side of ourselves that many prefer to keep hidden. Here’s the truth: ALL of who you are uniquely makes you YOU, and we must learn to accept and holistically incorporate our shadow to lead a balanced, authentic and joyful life.

And how about men? What do men need to know about the role of the moon in their life? We talk about the importance of self care, safety and acceptance for men, and Fatims-Zahra shares some astrologically-informed advice on supporting the moon-side of the men in your life. Ultimately, there’s more that unites us than divides us, and nowadays it is more clear than EVER that we must all tap into our divine feminine to restore balance, support each other and inspire authenticity by unapologetically living in our truth.


00:09:47 Beginning Of Interview

00:11:48 The Divine Feminine And Masculine In Astrology

00:22:33 The Significance Of Your Moon Sign

00:25:20 Abiding By The Lunar Cycle

00:27:02 See Episode 88

00:31:19 The Feminine-Masculine Dynamic Of Your Zodiac

00:38:14 Fatima’s Thoughts On Having A Sun And Moon In Each Polarity

00:43:36 “Your Feet, Your Heart And Your Spear Aligned…”

00:47:22 The Black Moon Lilith

00:57:53 Illuminating Our Shadow

01:02:24 Linking Archetypes To Astrology

01:06:22 Men And Their Moon Sign

01:13:36 Safety And Intimacy

01:18:18 Closing Words

01:26:51 Healing Self Judgment

01:31:52 Where To Find Fatima Zahra

I highly recommend Fatima’s Youtube channel and services as a holistic astrologer!

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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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