Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

96. Animal Communication: Tapping into the Morphic Field and Messages From The Heart with Celebrity Psychic Amelia Kinkade

Do you wish you could communicate with animals?

Do you ever wonder if your pet knows more than they let on?

Are you ready to open your mind and your heart to the infinite love that is waiting for you to unconditionally honor and accept yourself?

This week, I am honored to bring you Amelia Kinkade, a worldwide celebrity in the field of animal communication. I initially encountered Amelia on GaiaTV and have since studied her work, read her international bestseller, Straight Out Of The Horse’s Mouth: How To Talk To Animals And Get Answers, and participated in her online program, The Language Of Miracles Institute. Amelia has been featured in hundreds of newspapers and magazines (including the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and ABC News amongst other worldwide news stations!) and has appeared on programs such as The View, The Other Half, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Extra, The BBC News and numerous broadcasts in the US, Europe, and Australia. A BBC documentary was created around her work with the elephants in the Kruger National Park and a BBC children’s programming tour was created for her youngest most open-minded fans. Amelia’s true passion is leading her annual Sacred Harmony Safaris in Africa, and assisting organizations who rescue tigers, elephants, cheetah, penguins, Great White sharks, lions, and rhinos and trouble-shooting problems worldwide for tigers, primates, Asian elephants and countless breeds of exotic as well as domestic animals. She worked with the household cavalry of Queen Elizabeth II to “whisper” with the hunting horses of Prince Charles and played a key role in the success of hooved Olympic Gold and Silver medalists. She is the founder of Amelia’s Arcangel Society, a nonprofit organization that supports the education of children in rural Africa with the aims of reducing the poaching and endangerment of rapidly disappearing wildlife. In this episode, you can look forward to hearing Amelia’s thoughts on the following topics:

Healing the human-animal relationship

The true source of our joy

The dangers of overriding our instincts
Christ(ess) consciousness


The cyclical nature of the feminine

Using the physical body to access the divine

Her encounter with a black mamba (a THRILLING story)

How to nourish yourself and understand animal messages


I hope this episode sparks your inspiration to connect with all the wise creatures that share this precious planet with us. To support Amelia’s mission, learn more or become involved in animal communication, please visit

00:10:05 Amelia’s Message For You

00:15:31 Examining The Human-Animal Relationship

00:20:26 A Call To Access Our Inner Light

00:27:26 Amy’s Three Key Takeaways

00:35:27 Childhood Patterns

00:37:27 Intuition Is About Listening

00:44:23 The Gift Of Fear By Gavin de Becker

00:47:57 The Intuition Of Men

00:50:31 Amelia’s Black Mamba Encounter

01:01:41 The Universal Right Of Sovereignty

01:03:30 Amelia’s Tips For Self Nourishment

01:09:01 Amelia’s Safari And Anti-Poaching Campaign

01:11:10 Webinars And Online Offerings

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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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