Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

A Personal Note from Amy – Celebrating through the Challenges in the New Year

2008 was full of challenges and opportunities.

Like so many of us, I’ve had my share of challenges and opportunities in the last year- the top two being a divorce and my beloved 1-year old puppy getting hit and killed by a car.

As painful as both of these events where, they forced me to go deep inside myself and get to really know who I was, what my values were and what I wanted for my life.

Although during this difficult time I had very little stability, I instinctually knew that now more than ever, I needed to maintain my health and my physical body so I could cope mentally and handle the overwhelming stress I was facing. I knew that I was psychically in a weakened state and that I had to take care of myself so I could not only deal with the events in my life but somehow come out the other end even better than before.

So as priority #1, I made a concerted effort to eat foods that were both nourishing for my body and satisfying for my soul. I also made myself keep active- so I could release stress, help improve my mood and maintain my figure.

But a funny thing happened. I chose to immerse myself into learning, studying, practicing and teaching myself how to dance. As I said, it started out at first as something purely physical, you know, something for exercise and to “stay in shape”, but to my surprise it quickly blossomed into something so much more.

I began to notice how much fun I was having when I danced and best of all, I started to feel as if something was actually awakening inside me. Like a part of me deep inside my very being was being “cracked open” by the emotion of the music and natural, free flowing movements of the exercise. I realized that dancing for me was so much more than just physical exercise; it was my channel to the spirit within me and my outlet for emotional enjoyment and release.

These were the things that were like a lifeline to keep me healthy, keep me functioning and to keep me sane. They were my foundation which helped to get me through one of the darkest periods of my life.

My own experience showed me that when you are going through a life change, transition or challenging times, getting connected to yourself and making sure you take care of your body and your needs – through healthy food and fitness and fun,  you can get through just about anything!

Now, as 2009 is upon us, let’s all look together with hope at the adventure of what it will bring. I’d like to share a few exciting business changes:

For one, I’ve created a new program called Unleash Your Inner Goddess, to celebrate the divine feminine in each of us and to help awaken the spirit and passion for life within you. Look for this program this spring coming to a fitness center near you.

I also have a whole new set of services which are designed to help awaken your spirit and energize your body through dance, nutrition and fitness.

…and finally, you can now read my completely revised Bio and learn a little more about me and my background.

Are you ready to start living while you’re alive?

I’d like to offer a final thought: no matter how cold it is, no matter how dark it is- get out and dance; let yourself fully feel and express your emotions; get out of your head and into your body and move. Your body will open, your mind will open and you will feel so much better-even if it’s just for a few minutes!

Let’s make life a beautiful celebration- together! And finally, please note that my name is now Amy Fournier.



Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!