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The Analemma Water Wand

It’s not enough to just filter your water, restructure it back to the way it was originally, in its most pure, coherent and pristine state! Now you can supercharge your water and feel your energy and life force soar!

I just had to share with you something that I recently came across that not only changed the way I felt inside and looked on the outside but that I felt the difference immediately soon as I used it!
In fact, I was so impressed, I had to learn more and have the developer on my show!
I’m sure you know how vitally important it is to only drink, cook and bath in properly filtered water to remove dangerous toxins and chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, medications, bacteria,etc. yet most people don’t realize that water is also “ALIVE” and carries an electrical charge or “coherence”, or…at least it SHOULD!
Unfortunately most of the water on the planet today is not only toxic and polluted but also completely void of it’s natural life force, “charge” and therefore healing, energizing and restorative capabilities.
Since we are 99% water on a molecular level and due to the fact that every single action and process in our bodies requires water, it makes sense that if we want to look and feel our best it’s absolutely essential that the water we consume is not only pure but also carries the right information and “charge”.
So how do you restore your water to it’s naturally super-charged state?

Introducing the Analemma Water Wand!

The Analemma Water Wand is a simple, self-contained glass and quartz cylinder (see picture above left) that contains properly structured, coherent water. You simply put the “wand” in any liquid, give it a swirl and within seconds you’ve got restructured and coherent water!
I’ve been using mine for several months now and WOW, let me tell you, I can totally feel and SEE the difference…
Some of the things I’ve noticed:
⭐️ I see major improvement in my skin. It’s more supple, radiant, “plump”. Wow:”Anti-Aging” for sure!
⭐️Increased energy and “zing”! I got a kick right away. I’ve learned it’s due to the increased mitochondrial function of the cells that result.
⭐️ I feel overall more calm and balanced which is in part due to the  synchronization of right and left brain hemispheres.
⭐️ I have better focus and an increase in brain power and function. Lord knows I need that for my work!
⭐️ Just an overall increase in general feelings of well-being…yay!
To get an Analemma wand for yourself, Dolf is giving us a special discount by using the code “FitAmyTV” so you can save 10%!
You also might enjoy listening to my recent discussion with the brilliant and fascinating co-founder, researcher and founder of Analemma, Dolf Zantinge who was recently on my show.
So cheers to us and super charging our water, health and our lives!


*Oh and I also give my dogs Charlotte and Nikko, all my plants and garden only Analemma water too because all living things will benefit from coherent Analemma Water!

Get yours today by using this special link and enter my discount code “FitAmyTV” at check out to save 10%!

Please let me know what you think🙂

(Note: This wand does NOT filter your water and remove impurities and toxins. Please be sure to do that in addition to harmonizing and charging it with the wand. We get more into this on episode #88!