Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Are You Living From ALL of You? Harmonizing Your Masculine and Feminine Energies

Seems like everyone is always trying to have more “balance” in their lives. You know, like between work and play, family-time and private time, etc…but I propose there is another aspect of our lives that most likely could use a little more balance and dynamic, life-enhancing flow between as well and that is the flow in our daily lives between our OUR MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGY, our way of being, thinking, living and doing in general.

It’s been both my personal experience and observation of the current culture that most women operate quite predominantly from their masculine essence. You know the one. Take a look at how many of the below listed qualities feel normal to you.

“Masculine” Polarized Traits:

  • The over-thinking
  • Goal-oriented
  • Judgmental
  • Linear
  • Ignoring feelings
  • Close-minded
  • Rigid
  • etc…one!

While these qualities are all super important and necessary at times, problems can arise when we predominantly, habitually and otherwise unconsciously operate from that way of being and never tap into the other complimentary part of ourselves which includes the qualities of intuition, creativity, ability to pause and reflect, be patient, trusting, emotional/feeling, expressive, spontaneous, expansive, non-judgmental, passionate, magnetic, mysterious and MAGICAL traits! These are the qualities of the feminine polarity in us and they exist in all of nature and life to bring balance to the system.

NOTE: Regardless of how you gender-identify, humans, as ALL life, have both essences within us – it’s just that at any given time, one polarity can be expressed more than the other.✨✨

I can tell you that I’ve been on an INTENSE journey over the last few years learning about and understanding these two complimentary, not competitive, polarity dynamics. One main thing I can share is that I’ve learned that the key to living with ease, happiness and fulfillment is to understand how to navigate back and forth between the two and developing the wisdom and discretion to know when to activate one over the other.

It’s shocking how so many of us are living from predominately only one half of our being: either in our masculine essence or our feminine. I’ve found that it’s extremely common for women today to be living predominantly from their masculine energy – trust me, I know ALL about this as I’ve lived the first half of my life that way! Why? Well, the roots of this go quite deep and are out of the scope of this quick blog post, but I can tell you that our modern culture and religious systems promote a Patriarchal system so the inclusion and existence of the Matriarchal essence is absent or lacking at best.

Let me be clear: one essence is not “better” than the other. They are just different and designed to be complementary not competitive!

Having more balance between the masculine and feminine in you means knowing when to:

  • “Push through” and when to “pull back” and let go
  • When to speak and when to listen
  • When to do and go and when to rest and stop
  • When to feel and when to think
  • When to exclude and when to include

Again, the masculine and feminine energies are always pulsing within us but when one energy becomes dominant is when life feels off-balance and then we lose our true power and resources. Developing the wisdom and discretion to know when to express one state over the other and therefore bringing balance to your system is the key to help you live from more of your complete and empowered Self and isn’t that the goal?!⭐️

I can tell you that, WOW – once you start to learn how to navigate back and forth skillfully between the two sides of yourself appropriately, the results will be life-changing! Doing so has changed my life in such unbelievable ways and is a big part of why I started my podcast Awakening Aphrodite– so I can share my personal journey as well as bring in top experts and others that have helpful and interesting stories to share to help us all!

You can find the show everywhere podcasts are located and you can also watch it on Youtube and TikTok at @FitAmyTV 💕

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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