Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Assumptions About Your Food Sources Could Cost You Your Life!

I am all about people making the best choices that are aligned with their personal values but this cannot happen if we don’t have INFORMED CONSENT.


Humanity is in the mist of a HUGE AWAKENING and with this awakening we are feeling the angst and pain of the veil being lifted.


We are just now becoming aware (often to our horror) of what’s been happening behind the scenes for quite some time in many of our industries and institutions.


One thing’s been painfully clear is that we certainly have NOT had “informed” consent in a lot of areas.   Case in point, the influence and ethics (or lack thereof) of the food industry and big pharma have come under the spotlight and with that we are learning many uncomfortable truths. 


I’m sure you already know that YOU CANNOT TRUST FOOD LABELS nor ASSUME a term, like “natural“, “healthy” or even “organic” actually mean what you think they do! But are you also aware that apparently much of the livestock in the food industry has been receiving mRNA vaccines for years? 


I talk a lot about these things and how to protect yourself and your loved ones on my show, Awakening Aphrodite, because education is one of our greatest allies.   I’m here to help increase awareness and empower you with verifiable research so you can then make the best, informed choices for you and your family. 🙂  

I believe STRONGLY in supporting the regenerative agriculture and farming movement.  

In fact I’ve done several episodes on such topics including:

The concerns surrounding Big Pharma and the government intervening and affecting their sustainable practices is something we should all be concerned about. In fact, it’s just plain outrageous and scary when you do some digging and find out what’s really going on without our knowledge!   Yet, it’s really simple…as I always say…”You are not only what you eat but what you eat ate! (or was injected with in this case!)  

For regenerative farmers is simple: If they follow natural laws and understand the big picture/ecosystem and keep their animals happy and healthy, they’re less likely to get sick and they don’t need antibiotics or vaccines…just like us! It should be as simple as that right?  

Did you know?

Conventional, mass feedlots and farms DO NOT follow the natural laws of nature and thus are a massive problem to the ecosystem. Unnatural and inhumane, industrial animal agriculture operations act as a petri dish for infectious diseases, viruses, parasites, and vectors of food borne illnesses. Most animals raised in concentrated animal feeding operations CAFOs (also known as feedlots) would not survive long enough to make it to slaughter without the use of antibiotics, drugs, hormones, and vaccines. Rather than address the root of the issue, Big Pharma enables Big Agriculture to continue business as usual. They maintain a symbiotic relationship, feeding off one another in a destructive dance that imperils us all.

As the saying goes, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” When we eat sick animals, we inevitably become sick and reliant on, (you guessed it) Big Pharma. 

So, what are the concerns around mRNA Vaccination in Livestock?  

1: Is the vaccine persistent in the meat of animals injected with mRNA vaccines?
Most of the research suggests that the mRNA material dissipates several days after injection, and if it didn’t, couldn’t survive the cooking process or the acidic environment of our stomachs. However, this has never been done before and so it’s impossible to truly know any long-term health effects on humans who consume meat from animals vaccinated with mRNA. Potential problems with this train of thought: what if the researchers are wrong? What if the genetic material is persistent and can even survive ingestion and digestion? Research has definitely been wrong.  

2: Natural immunity vs. mRNA vaccination. Regenerative farms prioritize natural immunity. In the wild, animals develop immunity to disease through exposure and adaptation over time. By allowing livestock to develop natural immunity, regenerative farms avoid negative vaccine side effects like allergic reactions, increased susceptibility to other diseases, and overactive immune responses. If livestock are raised in an environment where they can express their natural instincts, they develop robust immune systems capable of fighting illness off if they do.  

3: Is the mRNA vaccination safe for livestock?  Regenerative farms prioritize animal welfare. Although the CDC, pharmaceutical companies, and government experts say that animal mRNA vaccination is completely safe, again, the truth is we don’t really know. There are no short-term or long-term studies on injecting isolated genetic material into livestock. Additionally, restraining and administering vaccines causes pain, discomfort, and stress, negatively impacting animal well-being.   

4: What are the environmental impacts of mRNA vaccination?  Regenerative farms prioritize environmental health. Vaccines can contain harmful chemicals and adjutants laced with heavy metals like aluminum or mercury which may accumulate in the environment. This, and the disposal of vaccine material destroys soil biology and harms wildlife. Not to mention, the production and transportation of vaccine materials requires a lot of valuable energy and resources.  

It’s essential that everyone is aware of a staggering fact: over 80% of the antibiotics produced today are actually consumed by domesticated food animals.


Even when you take into account all the antibiotics prescribed to humans, it doesn’t even account for 20% of the total production. The remaining majority is administered to food animals.

Now, let’s consider this: if vaccine companies aim to transition from being “very profitable” to reaching the heights of “obscenely profitable,” it only seems logical for them to target the animal agriculture market.  

How can we avoid this in the future?  

That’s where you come in!  

It is very important for us to be conscious consumers and participate in our consumption in an educated way. This means not being naive, passive or making assumptions and taking things at their face value. Doing so has proven to be not only hazardous to your health, destructive to animals and the planet but could also prove deadly!   It won’t take a lot of effort to find the answers you need.  

There are a lot of companies out there rejecting the potential mRNA vaccination on livestock….and if you need help finding them just send me an email and I can point you in the right direction.  

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