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My work is about holistic health and ways to make your lifestyle more conducive to a happy and harmonious environment. So you probably hear me talk all the time on my show about my Biogeometry training and how it’s changed my life in so many amazing ways and you’ve probably seen pictures on my social media of me sharing how I use BioGeometry every single day because, well, I just love it and it works! I’ve found it to be an easy, effective and practical way to harmonize myself and my environment.

That’s why I’m thrilled to let you know that you can now get your own BioGeometry items and start harmonizing, balancing and improving the energy and environment in your life and at discount!

BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim (D.Sc./Dipl.Arch.-ETH, Zurich) after more than 30 years of intensive research. I like to think of Dr. Karim as a reincarnated Pharaoh of ancient Egypt!;)

In fact, he’s truly one of the most BRILLIANT, tapped in and unbelievably kind and loving people I’ve ever had the opportunity to come across.

His work and findings of this new field of science and understanding our world have been nothing short of revolutionary. If you are interested in both the tangible and intangible elements of nature, life, quantum physics, geometry, biology and more then you’ll want to check out this material as well as the products.

In a nutshell, Dr. Karim’s breakthrough research identified a unique energy effect found in the energetic centers of all living systems. As resulted by testing, they also found this powerful and unique centering energy, termed “Power Spots” in all ancient holy sites of temples, mosques, synagogues, pyramids, churches, etc. Thus it was no coincidence that for thousands of years, civilizations would continue to build their sacred spiritual centers on these mega-charged power spots.

The BioGeometry system and tools allow you to bring that POWERFUL, coherent, harmonizing and centering energy of nature to your own body and home!

Dr. Karim determined that the natural function of this centering energy effect provided balance, or “centering,” to or within any living system. This one centering energy effect is detected through three specific energy-qualities that it manifests, and has been termed “BG3.”  This BG3 energy – quality is responsible for maintaining the energy structures of all living systems, including the balance of the different energy-qualities involved.  BioGeometry products and methods amplify the resonance of this highly beneficial BG3 energy and balances and harmonizes energy interactions with the environment.

You can purchase a piece of jewelry to help protect and harmonize your energy as you go about your daily life and/or you can go all in and invest in a Home Energy Kit to harmonize and protect your home and the space you’re in.

Whatever you chose, BioGeometry products and science is changing the game and helping people heal, thrive and harmonize!

I can’t wait for you to experience it. I use it all the time, in fact, it’s just a part of my life: I wear the jewelry, have the home cube, L-90 trays and stickers and even give them out for presents to people I care about!

I hope you check it out. Just click the button below and use my special discount coupon code: “AMYFOURNIER” at check out to enjoy 8% off your purchase!