Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay
mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Securing Financial Health for Empowerment and Liberation of the Feminine To be healthy and happy requires feeling secure and having personal freedom, and that means financial security and freedom as well as physical and emotional freedom!   I’ve always been about prevention, promotion and protection. Whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health, to live a fully actualized and happy life requires knowing how to do it so we can make the best decisions for ourselves and our families. If being healthy is the most important thing for a good life, than being wealthy is second. Stress is a killer and can come in many forms but all

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Assumptions About Your Food Sources Could Cost You Your Life!

I am all about people making the best choices that are aligned with their personal values but this cannot happen if we don’t have INFORMED CONSENT.   Humanity is in the mist of a HUGE AWAKENING and with this awakening we are feeling the angst and pain of the veil being lifted.   We are just now becoming aware (often to our horror) of what’s been happening behind the scenes for quite some time in many of our industries and institutions.   One thing’s been painfully clear is that we certainly have NOT had “informed” consent in a lot of

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What Men and Women Want Each Other To Know

Hello friends today I wanted to share with you the audio transcript from one of my recent podcast episodes on Awakening Aphrodite because wow, looks like it hit a nerve and was very popular with a lot of folks! Perhaps because in it we touched on some things that are near and dear to all of our hearts and got right to the core of so much of our “relationship” issues.   My guest on this episode was prolific and adored Alison Armstrong who has been a major voice in helping men and women UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER and therefore help

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How I’m Healing from Loss

As you know, I lost my little pup Charlotte recently and it has been unbelievably hard. And for a while, it was just me and Nikko. We’ve bonded so much, shared some incredible moments and some very difficult ones too. He stepped up as the big boy of the house and has been helping me heal tremendously…BUT…as I talk about on my show recently, the day after I lost Charlotte I got a very clear vision of a little white dog. It was SO REAL and so clear and strong it stopped me in my tracks. And I couldn’t shake

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5- Minute Luscious Legs Workout

Check out this fun, 5- Minute Luscious Legs Workout I put together for the folks over at Empower Fitness. It will help to get your legs toned and lean and pump up your whole metabolism too! I love Empower Fitness for many reasons – the great people, the superior products and the fun and friendly vibe but most of all because their mission and philosophy is very much in line with mine: They strive to empower women to be happy, healthy, and strong with fitness solutions that educate, motivate, entertain, and inspire. See more videos or Subscribe to my YouTube

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Announcing My FREE 30-Day Mind for Health: Positive Message of the Day Series!

Day 1: I Am Worthy of Love Just Because I Exist In an effort to help promote emotional and mental fitness, I designed a free 1-2 minute morning video series of various motivational, uplifting and spiritual readings that have helped me to get in the right frame of mind to take on my day and life. I hope it helps YOU start your day off on the right foot and with some good energy! Please let me know what you think 🙂 See my Facebook page for more videos Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for ALL videos

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Stay Slim…Even When Eating Out and Going to Parties!

Socializing and dining out are important parts of a balanced, healthy lifestyle- but often times doing so can spell D-I-E-T D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!!! …but it doesn’t have to! Here are some top tips to enjoying yourself- even during the holidays– while still staying fit and trim!      

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Natural Alternatives to the Flu Shot

Amy shares her top tips of the latest natural and most effective ways you can keep your immune system healthy so you can avoid needing the flu shot at all! Includes some surprising and important information on Vitamin D and sunshine and sunscreen. (Plus a bonus plug on Zumba) YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!    

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Avoid the Winter Blues

Do you crave more carbs in the winter and feel unmotivated, depressed and lethargic? Sounds like you’ve got the Winter Blues! Here are 6 easy and natural tips to help you go from SAD to glad in no time!    

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Episode #65 Powerful

This podcast was one of the most passionate podcasts I have felt in a while on any platform. I loved your guest she was phenomenal and super smart. I loved the passion and flow of conversation between you. Great episode!
5 Stars

My favorite show 💖💖💖
Thoughtful topics

I was intrigued by the discussion between Amy and Maria Wheatly about earth energies and how you can use them to your advantage...SO fascinating! I also found immense value in the boundaries episode with Sarri Gilman, such great advice and ideas stated with such grounded power. Thank you and keep doing what you're doing!
Love Amy's positivity and energy

Amy's insight into holistic health and passion for integrative healing has changed how I treat myself.
Joy, radiance, authenticity, living your truth- made simple!

I’m so grateful for the awaken Aphrodite podcast series. What a FUN podcast!! The topics are very relevant in today’s time and easily digestible. The guests on the show always have a wealth of knowledge to share that furthers our evolution as humans/ spiritual beings. I really appreciate how Amy takes the time to articulate HOW we can apply the wisdom that is shared directly to our lives in an easy manner (this is something where I think many great podcasts can miss the mark). After listening I feel like I have a game plan- almost like I’ve had a one on one coaching session and I know which steps to take. It’s nice when a podcast gives you a sense of direction! I can honestly say that this podcast series has changed my life for the better and has given me the tools I need to be my most radiant authentic self. Thank you Amy!
Awakening it is!

Thank you, Amy! What a refreshing take on every guest and topic you bring in. This is just the perfect time to nourish our souls listening to your podcast. Shine your light bright! 🌟
So real, inspiring and FUNNY!!

I really enjoy the show and look forward to hearing new episodes each week from Amy. She is well-rounded and knowledgeable and seems to also be a very real, down to earth and kind person. I always leave feeling more hopeful, inspired! 🙂 #grateful