Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay
mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Tips For Transitioning Into Fall🍂

Hello September! The weather is getting cooler, and the trees are starting to change color. 🍂   I feel Mother Nature making the transition from the heat of summer to the cooler days of fall. It’s important to take a little extra care during times of transition! Here are some easy tips that help me transition into a new season!   ✨Get grounded – Focus on connecting with nature and Mother Earth in particular, at least for a few minutes each day. Best would be to go barefoot with your feet on the ground and skin directly exposed to Father Sun! Also practicing

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My head has been SPINNING lately!😵Honoring the need for our sacred pause🙏🙏🙏

As the Summer months end and a new season starts I know we are all busy with multiple things pulling on our time and attention that come with any transition. I know some days my head is spinning! I’ve been struggling lately to know what the best things are to put my time and energy into. I mean, ideally I want to put my time and energy into things that will actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE – don’t you?! So to help me combat the tendency to feel overwhelm or feel like it’s “Ground Hog Day” every day or even just feeling the plain old sticky

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Tips for Getting Un-Stuck!

Have you ever felt stuck and uninspired? I’ve found myself in that place several times in the past and through difficult inner conversations and GETTING BRUTALLY HONEST (and a few good cries!), I’ve developed ways to “un-stick” myself that I now revert to time and time again. So if you are feeling stuck, like things are just not moving and kinda “flat”, I invite you to go somewhere quiet, preferably in nature (with no phone) and ask yourself some tough but important questions. I also urge you to have the courage to be brutally honest – otherwise it’s not even

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How I Helped My Dog Heal from a Torn ACL…Naturally!

Recently someone contacted me and asked how I helped my sweet little dog Charlotte heal from a torn ACL (knee ligament) which happened last year. It occurred to me that perhaps others might be interested in knowing this too so I thought I’d share with you too a little of what we did! 💕 I’m sure you’ll agree: There’s nothing worse than when someone you love is in pain! About a year and a half ago I noticed one day Charlotte was hopping around on only three legs. I knew something was obviously very wrong. I took her to her

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What’s In My Exercise Recovery Drink?

Here’s a quick video of some of my favorite ingredients to include in my workout recovery drink. The first meal after your workout is critical to determine your response and recovery to exercise – so please remember that in order to feel great, you must eat great! *All ingredients are 100% NATURAL, REAL and WHOLE FOOD items (Sorry the video cut off at the end…I’m still learning!) 🙂 Thanks for watching. If you find it helpful, please LIKE this video and subscribe to my channel. FACEBOOK: Amy Fournier INSTAGRAM: @FitAmyTV TWITTER: Tweetwithamy MIAMI FITNESS WEBSITE

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Exercise Sneaker Review/Haul!

Here’s a little review of the different types of sneakers I wear for my workouts. Proper footwear is really important: not only to keep your body and joints healthy and injury free but also to give a little boost to how you feel- ‘cuse it’s always more motivating when you look CUTE! 😉 Thanks for watching. If you find it helpful, please LIKE this video and subscribe to my channel.

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Would you like a place to go, where as soon as you walk in the door you feel energized, uplifted, supported and inspired — a place where you feel like you belong? Miami Fitness & Lifestyle™ is that place. With over 30 classes/week for all different levels and interests plus healthy lifestyle workshops and fun social events and activities – we’re a place where you can go to meet all of your health needs: physical, emotional, spiritual and social. Come visit today and experience it for yourself!

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10 Things Healthy People Know and Do!

Here’s the inside scoop on what healthy and fit people know and do. Amy shares with you their top tricks and her top tips so you can be one of them too!    

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Is Stress Giving You a Spare Tire? Common Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue and What To Do About It!

Despite a healthy diet and exercise program, you still can’t lose weight? Find out a likely reason why you still have that stubborn tummy bulge, have no energy, get so irritable and have trouble sleeping and crave caffeine! Solutions such as managing your time, correcting nutrient deficiencies, controlling emotional stress, eliminating artificial foods and reducing electromagnetic rays are suggested.

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Before You Pop that Purple Pill: Heartburn and Reflux

Before you pop that Purple Pill…and if you’re over 45…you”ll definitely want to hear the real cause of heartburn, Acid Reflux/GERD, indigestion and bloating after meals!

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Episode #65 Powerful

This podcast was one of the most passionate podcasts I have felt in a while on any platform. I loved your guest she was phenomenal and super smart. I loved the passion and flow of conversation between you. Great episode!
5 Stars

My favorite show 💖💖💖
Thoughtful topics

I was intrigued by the discussion between Amy and Maria Wheatly about earth energies and how you can use them to your advantage...SO fascinating! I also found immense value in the boundaries episode with Sarri Gilman, such great advice and ideas stated with such grounded power. Thank you and keep doing what you're doing!
Love Amy's positivity and energy

Amy's insight into holistic health and passion for integrative healing has changed how I treat myself.
Joy, radiance, authenticity, living your truth- made simple!

I’m so grateful for the awaken Aphrodite podcast series. What a FUN podcast!! The topics are very relevant in today’s time and easily digestible. The guests on the show always have a wealth of knowledge to share that furthers our evolution as humans/ spiritual beings. I really appreciate how Amy takes the time to articulate HOW we can apply the wisdom that is shared directly to our lives in an easy manner (this is something where I think many great podcasts can miss the mark). After listening I feel like I have a game plan- almost like I’ve had a one on one coaching session and I know which steps to take. It’s nice when a podcast gives you a sense of direction! I can honestly say that this podcast series has changed my life for the better and has given me the tools I need to be my most radiant authentic self. Thank you Amy!
Awakening it is!

Thank you, Amy! What a refreshing take on every guest and topic you bring in. This is just the perfect time to nourish our souls listening to your podcast. Shine your light bright! 🌟
So real, inspiring and FUNNY!!

I really enjoy the show and look forward to hearing new episodes each week from Amy. She is well-rounded and knowledgeable and seems to also be a very real, down to earth and kind person. I always leave feeling more hopeful, inspired! 🙂 #grateful