Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!


Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!


What is Earthing (Ground Therapy)?

Reduce inflammation, aches and pain, sleep better and restore emotional and mental balance by connecting to the Earth’s natural energy for vibrant health!

Connecting to the Earth restores balance – both physically and emotionally.

Our modern world can result in us being isolated from the Earth by not having enough regular and direct contact with it plus non-conductive materials that we live on, such as wood, tile, and carpeted flooring in our homes, as well as rubber and plastic in our shoes, leaves us feeling unhealthy and all sorts of physical and mental problems.

When we make direct contact with the surface of the Earth, with our bare feet or hands, our bodies receive a charge of energy that makes us feel better, fast.


Grounding research indicates that the surface of planet Earth has natural potent painkilling, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and stress reducing properties. It’s Nature’s design, a remarkable healing asset, but most humans are missing out on it.

The Earth is endowed with “electric nutrition,” a virtually limitless supply of mobile electrons that gives the ground we walk on (as well as our lakes and oceans) a natural negative electric charge. This phenomenon nourishes planetary life, both animals and plants.

The research demonstrates that direct contact with the Earth restores and stabilizes the bioelectrical circuitry that governs our physiology and organs, recharges and thins our blood, enhances immune function, and powerfully and quickly knocks down inflammation and pain. The degree to which this resource nourishes, protects, and heals is substantial, and of great medical significance

Embrace the Earth’s nutrients and discover how you can benefit from Earthing/Grounding:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve mood
  • Enhance Sleep
  • Improve skin and complexion
  • Reduce PMS symptoms
  • Improve digestion
  • Assist in rapid recovery from exercise