Love your body, love your LIFE… Become and stay fit! Learn how!

Love your body, love your LIFE…
Become and stay fit! Learn how!

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As a result of the many years that I’ve been in the health and wellness industry, I have created e-books, guides, courses, and in-person events of the things that have worked for me with the hopes it might help you too.
In addition, I have come across various wonderful products and resources that perfectly support my holistic, healthy lifestyle so I wanted to share them as well! Some of these products offer me a small commission which I gratefully use to off-set the expense of providing you all the free offerings (such as my podcast, Awakening Aphrodite) – so THANK YOU in advance for using my special links and coupon codes as a way of supporting me and to allow me to continue to share all I do with you while you save a little money too! 🙂
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Foundations In Fitness Fat Loss Guide

One thing that I’ve learned in my over 30 years of experience in the fields of wellness and self-development, is that being fit on both the inside and the outside, involves a lot more than just counting calories and working out all the time – certainly if you plan on sustaining it for the long-term AND enjoying it!

Covid-19 Fit Survival Plan

Stay Fit, Healthy and SANE with These Top 10 Lifestyle Tips!

Sample Shopping List and One Week Meal Plan

Get healthy, super fit and defy aging from the inside out with these super foods to energize your body and soul! Includes a healthy shopping list, foods to avoid and a sample meal plan.

Abs in the Kitchen Recipes eBook: Eat Your Way to a Lean, Sexy, Healthy Body… FAST!

This e-book contains of some of my favorite recipes that help me stay in top shape with lots of energy to spare so I can rock out my life! Best of all they are 100% natural and easy to make… and yes, they taste delicious.

The Quick Start Weekly Action Guide

The Quick Start Weekly Action Guide If you’ve had enough and WANT RESULTS – real and LASTING results, then this is for you!


In this simple 5-page guide, I share the TOP BASIC SUPPLEMENTS that are good for most everyone to help round out a high-quality and natural diet. I use them to keep me fit, healthy and with good ENERGY and now you can too! 🙂
Check out some of my favorite products with DISCOUNT codes for you! 😉
Such a nurturing podcast!

I started listening to Amy’s podcast after beginning my healing journey during the pandemic of 2020-21. Her show is so inspiring and she really talks from the heart. Her voice is just what I needed in my healing journey. After experiencing a bit “T” trauma early in life and then living in cognitive dissonance about it for 27 years before I realized something had to change. As an out of balance masculine female who learned as a child that emotions were a weakness and so spent most of my adult life thinking I don’t need them. I am currently in the middle of healing this distorted life view and unpacking my past patterns. Amy is really helping me gain a new perspective to life and just listening to her heart felt words is calming and feels like home. If you are struggling in any way with the inner critic or shadow you have found the right podcast to learn to step into your heart.
Episode #65 Powerful

This podcast was one of the most passionate podcasts I have felt in a while on any platform. I loved your guest she was phenomenal and super smart. I loved the passion and flow of conversation between you. Great episode!
Thoughtful topics

I was intrigued by the discussion between Amy and Maria Wheatly about earth energies and how you can use them to your advantage...SO fascinating! I also found immense value in the boundaries episode with Sarri Gilman, such great advice and ideas stated with such grounded power. Thank you and keep doing what you're doing!
Awakening it is!

Thank you, Amy! What a refreshing take on every guest and topic you bring in. This is just the perfect time to nourish our souls listening to your podcast. Shine your light bright! 🌟
Amy is a beautiful soul…

It really is a breath of fresh air to see this kind of diversity in the realm of podcasts. I love that the subjects and guests are truly a holistic experience getting deep into subjects that are not usually talked about but are crucial to whole being health!
Phenomenal Podcast!

This podcast is a MUST listen to if you are someone who is looking to up-level in life in ALL areas. The episodes are packed with so much real life relatable content & such DEEP wisdom! Two thumbs up for sure!
Joy, radiance, authenticity, living your truth- made simple!

I’m so grateful for the awaken Aphrodite podcast series. What a FUN podcast!! The topics are very relevant in today’s time and easily digestible. The guests on the show always have a wealth of knowledge to share that furthers our evolution as humans/ spiritual beings. I really appreciate how Amy takes the time to articulate HOW we can apply the wisdom that is shared directly to our lives in an easy manner (this is something where I think many great podcasts can miss the mark). After listening I feel like I have a game plan- almost like I’ve had a one on one coaching session and I know which steps to take. It’s nice when a podcast gives you a sense of direction! I can honestly say that this podcast series has changed my life for the better and has given me the tools I need to be my most radiant authentic self. Thank you Amy!
So real, inspiring and FUNNY!!

I really enjoy the show and look forward to hearing new episodes each week from Amy. She is well-rounded and knowledgeable and seems to also be a very real, down to earth and kind person. I always leave feeling more hopeful, inspired! 🙂 #grateful
Love Amy's positivity and energy

Amy's insight into holistic health and passion for integrative healing has changed how I treat myself.
Love this show!

I love Amy’s energy, her curiosity, and the variety of interesting guests she brings forward. This is one of my favorite podcasts!
For all women

Awakening Aphrodite is such an inspiring and wonderful podcast to listen to! I’ve enjoyed every minute of every episode so far! Ive told all my friends and family to subscribe because there is something for Everyone!!!! Amy has a way of saying just how you feel Even if you didn’t even realize it or too embarrassed to admit it! We’re all women who are struggling with something and want to love ourselves and our lives! Amy and this podcast is the perfect way to start!! Thank you, Amy!
“The amount of dedication Amy has put into learning and continues to learn is immeasurable. Through her passion, determination, kindness and experiences, Amy teaches us how to be the best version of ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. From healthy eating, dance and fitness, mindfulness and to all natural makeup products, if you would like to start living better and feeling better, I highly recommend Amy!”
Phenomenal instructor and amazing human being… Amy is caring, knowledgeable, and empowering …. she will give you all the tools you need to be you be a better YOU.
Mercedes Spindler

Amy shares her wisdom and knowledge.. she inspires and motivates you to want better for yourself.. lots to learn from this podcast !!! It will keep you coming back for more.. thanks Amy! Mercedes

If you want to feel happier, stronger and healthier in your thoughts and body, this is the podcast for you!! Amy has a wealth of knowledge and experience she shares with the world. Her magnetism and presentation has inspired me for over 10 years! She keeps me on track and motivated to stay healthy and fit.
Amazing influence

Amy’s passion to feel healthy and happy is contagious. Spending time with her and having her influence has always been a huge impact in the views I have and the ways I live and love. Her knowledge is so valuable. I never walk away from an Amy class or talk without something I can bring to myself to get me to the life I want to live and love !
Once again this did not disappoint! Amy’s knowledge was presented in such a way that I totally understood, and she made science sound easy! Just an amazing workshop that will change my ways for the better.
Judi Holzman
I have been dancing with Amy for over a decade. She is amazing! But, in addition to her workouts, Amy is always sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to live their best lives. This new podcast world is allowing her to share more and to a wider audience. Take advantage! I have spent many long walks WITH this new podcast, listening and learning. Her topics are on target, and her guests interesting. Don't miss out!

I just finished Episode 2 and I absolutely loved it! I cannot wait to hear what Amy has to offer. I discovered her through Paul Cheks recent post. (Cool illustration by the way) I’m so happy I finally found a podcast about femininity and spirituality. I’ve been looking for a podcast that was geared this direction, basically I’ve been looking for Amy! Thank you for creating this space for me. I cannot wait to learn more through you and your journey.
Amy is full of knowledge!

I’ve been a mind, body & spirit student of Amy’s for several years and continually learn something new and impactful from her. Amy spends the time, does the research and packages up her knowledge in a way that allows me to understand quickly and make shifts in my life immediately. I’m so excited to explore even more with Amy through this podcast!

I fell in love with Amy over a year ago but when I got to really spend time with her I was blown away by her heart to help people, her vision of having a platform to expand peoples minds and the wealth of information she had learned from over past 30 years because she put the work in herself. She truly lives the life she shares. I flipped out when I heard she was giving this All to us for free!! I’m so excited to dive deeper through her podcasts and truly expand my mind body and soul!!!