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Farrow Products

Farrow products are simple. Our ingredients are minimal. And our chemical-free formulations, based on traditional wisdom, work with nature (not against it) to support healthy, radiant skin.
Moms who value natural foods and products Love Farrow. They trust Farrow to soothe their children’s chapped, windburned, sunburned, or dry skin because the ingredients are toxin-free and extremely gentle.
The first ingredient of most skincare products is water – even though there’s no skin benefit. Water not only waters down the active ingredients, but it’s also drying to skin. And water creates a perfect environment for mold and bacteria to grow – which means adding chemical preservatives.
That’s why there is no water in Farrow products. The first ingredient in our creams is lard, the fat from pigs. But not just any lard. Farrow only uses SmartLard™️. (More on that in a second!)
The skin-soothing wonders of Lard
Lard may seem like an odd choice in skincare, but for centuries, people relied on it to soothe dry, irritated skin and help relieve a wide range of skin conditions.
And, genetically speaking, humans and pigs are closely related, so our skin can easily absorb a lard-based moisturizer along with all its nutrients.
SmartLard™️ comes exclusively from regenerative farms. This is a conservation-based approach to growing food that uses a variety of healthy, sustainable practices (rotational grazing, composting, and recycling) to reduce waste and improve the vitality of the soil. Regenerative farming is better for the environment because it eliminates the need for chemical pesticides and herbicides and dramatically reduces atmospheric Co2.
It’s also better for animals because they’re raised humanely. On conventional farms, animals are housed in cramped, warehouse-like facilities. Their environment is overcrowded and stressful, which leads to sickness and use of hormones and antibiotics.
Alternatively, on regenerative farms, animals are pasture raised. Our pigs spend their days outside rooting around in the fresh air and sunshine. They’re well cared for. They get fresh water and clean feed and the occasional belly rub.

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