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Food Forest Abundance

Are you ready to live a more free, healthy, and abundant life? Me too!

How about creating your own sustainable, home permaculture garden?

If you’re ready to be more self-reliant, empowered and part of the solution for your own health as well as well-being of the entire planet I’ve got an amazing opportunity for you.

Maybe you’ve heard of all the wonderful benefits of growing and eating your own food but you don’t know where or how to start, or perhaps prefer to fast-track the process…or maybe, like me, you want to do both!

Well I’ve got good news. Now you can hire a certified permaculture expert to design a customized food forest system for your home with a Food Forest Landscape Blueprint!

I recently had, the “Steve Irwin of Permaculture”, Jim Gale, on my show, Awakening Aphrodite and  he shared with us his mission to help teach people how easy and cost-effective it can be to start growing your own food by starting what he calls a “food forest” where you live.
Simply use THIS SPECIAL LINK and enter the coupon code “FitAmyTV” at check out for 5% off and one of their certified permaculture design experts will reach out to start the process and walk you through, step by step and show you how to transform your yard into a fully functioning, sustainable and healthy food forest!

It’s good for you and it’s good for the planet!

Your design blueprint will be fully customized according to your needs, climate, topography, space and planting zone and you can choose the size of the plan according to your desired garden size and not necessarily your land/lot size – you will be AMAZED at how little land you really need to have one!

CLICK HERE for more info about designing your own Food Forest Design Landscape Blueprint