Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Holiday Burnout 101

The holiday blues are real – here’s how to manage them.:)

Feelings of sadness or grief are normal during the holidays, especially if you’ve recently experienced loss or change. You may find yourself feeling extra emotional throughout the season due to nostalgia or longing for happier times. I know for me I always miss my Dad during this season.

Please know that no matter what you feel, the bottom line is that it’s important to allow yourself to feel your feelings and not judge or override them, or even worse, condemn yourself for having them! It’s both healthy and normal to feel a wide range of emotions and regardless if they are “good” or “bad”, our feelings are important sources of information and communication from our inner, often wiser self and thus they should not be ignored or suppressed.

So please try to simply acknowledge your emotions as they come up, rather than shoving them down and be kind and compassionate with yourself if painful things come up. This will make it easier for you to accept and process your feelings so then you can move forward.

Here are a few ways I came up with to help you navigate through these times: 

✨ Remember that how you feelings are never “right” or “wrong” but rather information that is simply meant to be felt and then processed and moved through you.

✨ Be sure not to identify too strongly with the emotion, particularly if it’s an unwanted one. As stated above, feel the feeling but then let it move through you, not letting it get “stuck” or wallowing in it or allowing yourself to identify with it as “you” or “who you are”.

✨ You may experience a range of emotions leading up to and during the holiday season, but they don’t have to control how you handle yourself or how others perceive you. Give yourself some space from family members if needed. Keep your emotional boundaries. Episode 32 of my podcast with Marriage and Family Therapist Sarri Gilman is a great resource to help you create healthy boundaries, deal with overwhelm and stress and navigate self-care as well as your feelings. Listen Here!

✨  In spite of all the busy, be sure to GIVE YOURSELF WHAT YOU NEED to stay centered. Take some time out for yourself if needed—go for a walk around the block, change the subject, listen to feel-good music, take a cold shower or even just open a window and get some fresh air into your lungs if that’s all you can do to help reset your state—whatever helps shift the situation to the positive will help. 

✨ Reach out for support: When things seem overwhelming, reach out to family members or friends who you can simply talk with or connect with. Sometimes just emotionally making outside contact with someone else can help get you out of your own head. In addition, expressing your thoughts and feelings with another person can simply provide comfort and can even help ease any sense of loneliness that may arise during this time of year.

✨ Downgrade your To-Do list during this time! There are only so many hours in the day and with all the additions tasks and activities that the holidays bring, it’s a good idea to not expect to be keeping up with all of your normal tasks – something’s got to give – and expecting to simply add all the additional stuff on your workload will only completely overwhelm you and stress you out unnecessarily. So set realistic expectations around your holiday plans so that you don’t overextend yourself emotionally or physically. But….

Your self-care routine is not the thing to sacrifice at this time! Although you might need to downgrade, or reduce, the things that you normally do to take care of yourself and meet your emotional, mental and physical needs, they always need to be at the top of your list – perhaps now more than ever with the extra demands on you!
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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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