Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

How I’m Healing from Loss

As you know, I lost my little pup Charlotte recently and it has been unbelievably hard. And for a while, it was just me and Nikko. We’ve bonded so much, shared some incredible moments and some very difficult ones too. He stepped up as the big boy of the house and has been helping me heal tremendously…BUT…as I talk about on my show recently, the day after I lost Charlotte I got a very clear vision of a little white dog. It was SO REAL and so clear and strong it stopped me in my tracks. And I couldn’t shake it. I’ve never had, or even thought about, getting a white dog but this came through out of no where and was so real and vivid.

Fast forward to now and that’s where Penelope comes in!🥰

Bringing Penelope into our home has brought such a refreshing, positive energy. She’s so sweet and has a lot of the qualities Charlotte did with a gentle temperament and loving nature. Plus I’m already seeing Nikko step up as both a big brother and a protector of her and me. It’s so darn cute and has been just beautiful to witness!

But let me tell you something…

I would have never been able to do this had it not been for the incredible support my own show, Awakening Aphrodite has provided me with.

You see, I am a firm believer in intentionally setting ourselves up for giving ourselves what we need by bringing things into our lives that help us, ESPECIALLY when times are tough…and let me tell you…I was NOT OKAY for a little while. This is part of why I got Penelope and why I asked Amelia Kinkade, the mystic and world famous animal communicator to come back on my show – to help me process losing Charlotte and to try to make something POSITIVE come out of my pain in the hopes of helping someone else.

Just to be clear, before I got Penelope, I totally allowed myself to feel all the pain and the deep, deeeeeeep sorrow of losing Charlotte. My heart was completely broken. Shattered into nothingness. I literally felt like I was drowning in the pain. But I knew I had to totally “go into it” and not resist or avoid, or medicate or stuff it down, because I’ve learned that FEELING IT FULLY, no matter how bad, is absolutely critical in order to pass through it which would then allow me to not only function but move on (at least a little bit).

I share more on this and what I did after I lost Charlotte on episode #151, with Amelia. On this episode, I share my experience and we explore the topics of death and rebirth. It helped me find the answers I desperately needed and even brought some much needed relief.

All of this to circle back to let you know that no matter what you’re feeling today, there is a way forward and I’m here to walk with you as we both together dive head first into the wonderful world of self-discovery and growth with courage and an open-heart and mind.

Oh and I’ll just add that Amelia Kinkade has been such a force in my own personal self-discovery journey that I know she will inspire you too! She’s truly a Spiritual Master and has been on my show twice now. In these episodes, we discuss the power of animal communication and how connecting with our furry friends can teach us so much and also bring us comfort and healing during difficult times, just like the way Nikko and Penelope have brought me comfort after losing Charlotte. I know Amelia’s insights and wisdom will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to deepen your connection with both your own pets and yourself!

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration and guidance on how to navigate life’s challenges and process pain and loss, be sure to check out these amazing episodes of Awakening Aphrodite🎙 with Amelia! You won’t regret it – LMK! 😉

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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