Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Is There a Link Between Your Thyroid and The Way You Use Your Voice?

A Holistic View of The Thyroid, 5th Chakra and Your Voice: Balancing Your Metabolism, Hormones and Self-Expression


With the stress, rush and demands of the modern American lifestyle, it’s no wonder thyroid disorders are rising along with skyrocketing levels of hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue.

The thyroid is one of the major glands in the body that is designed to regulate our ability to manage and respond to stress and environment.

Chances are someone you know, or maybe even you, have a thyroid issue: either it’s running too slowly (hypothyroid) or perhaps it’s running too fast (hyperthyroid), but have you ever wondered:

Are there alternative ways to heal thyroid dysfunctions without resorting to the life-altering pharmacological techniques touted by conventional medicine?

Answer: Absolutely! 🙂

On a recent podcast episode, #125, I had a fascinating and empowering discussion with medical anthropologist *Sydney Ross Singer about the thyroid and it’s intimate relationship with the neck, upper back and 5th Chakra of the body. Sydney shares some remarkable new research that indicates a link between vocal expression and thyroid health. This association between sound and thyroid disorders was long understood by Ayurvedic medicine, and Sydney is working hard to bring these relevant findings back to light.

In addition to it’s physical and mechanical function, the thyroid and the corresponding area of the body, is also symbolically connected to the womb, our personal will and the way we communicate, mainly our speaking and listening – or perhaps how we don’t communicate!

Sydney shares some of the current pharmacological treatments for thyroid imbalances and we also get into some great practical and easy non-invasive, safe and “side-effect-free” lifestyle tips we can incorporate that very well might help us avoid invasive radiation-based treatments, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Wouldn’t it be great to rebalance your thyroid, energy, mood and weight safely and holistically on our own?!

Specific products mentioned in this episode: Create your own sound healing sanctuary with the Core Harmonizer – one of my favorite tools!

I’m excited for you to check it out. I hope it helps. Thanks for subscribing and sharing! 😉

*Sydney was also a popular guest on my show, Episode 119, where he shares shocking research on how bra-wearing obstructs lymphatic flow and elevates a women’s risk of developing breast cancer. It’s a critical and POWERFUL episode I hope you listen to – it could even save your life, so please check that out and share it with the women in your life!


00:13:08 Old Technologies

00:18:57 Thyroid Health In The Modern Day

00:25:17 Iodine And Nuclear Weapons?

00:29:43 The Thyroid’s Unique Location

00:32:50 The Truth Behind Ablating The Thyroid

00:40:17 The Voice’s Effect On The Thyroid

00:46:30 The Throat Chakra And Self Expression

00:51:08 Syd’s Science-Fiction Theory On Human Design

00:56:52 Shape Determines Function

01:01:43 Boosting Your Self Expression

01:07:57 Tips For Hyperthyroidism

01:14:52 Syd’s Academia Website

Listen to my podcast with medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer here

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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