Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Out of The Ashes of Burnout, Aphrodite Is Born!🙌

I was at a crossroads in my life 🥴.

I felt lost and confused, like the path forward wasn’t clear.

I was doing what I loved, had a successful business that gathered women and men in a space that they valued and I was very proud of yet I felt like I was fried. I was burnt out.

Not wanting to disappoint those that came to me for guidance, inspiration and connection to themselves, I ended up sacrificing my own self-connection, my connection and respect to my own needs.

I was on masculine autopilot…always DOING, DOING, DOING and never taking a moment for myself to pause. I’m sure you can relate.

And as I started to really lose sight of myself, suddenly the whole world came to a halt. COVID-19 happened and I had to close my club…   …yet in that pause Aphrodite appeared in my life – she came with a soft whisper of hope amidst all the exhaustion and uncertainty.   

At first like many, I thought she was just the Goddess of beauty and love, BUT as I dove deeper, it became evident to me that she was so much more than that!

You see, although yes, Aphrodite is the immortal Goddess of Love and Beauty, but she is also the Goddess of RELATIONSHIPS, CONNECTION, INNER PASSIONS, CREATIVITY and SELF-REFLECTION!

She taught me how to find joy again – in even the small moments; how to truly connect with myself and others; how to pause and reassess, and most importantly, how important it is to go inward – because when we do that we can start finding answers within ourselves.  

She showed me that sometimes our biggest blessings come through moments of discomfort or struggle – because those are the times we learn the most about ourselves and what really matters. She also make it clear to me although it’s beautiful to use our time, energy and attention to help others, that it’s also important to also prioritize and respect our own feelings and needs.

Through studying her archetype and what she represents, I found courage within myself that allowed me to embrace uncertainty instead of running away from it and face difficult truths without fear. That uncertainty allowed space to really question what I wanted to do next…and that’s how Awakening Aphrodite (my podcast) came to fruition!🎙✨

Following the breadcrumbs I found my true purpose and through bringing out the Aphrodite in me combined with my own extensive experience I am now able to inspire others to connect to their sacred femininity too.

The things I share on Awakening Aphrodite help us all harmonize the masculine and feminine energies that are in ALL of us, and to connect to our intuition and magic!

It has been an incredible journey since then that’s for sure! With that we come to episode #139…WOW!!! This episode is all about this in particular. It features 7 of my favorite holistic coaches, healers, colleagues and friends in an amazing discussion about the sacred polarities of LIFE: the masculine and feminine forces in each of us. ✨   I am BEYOND excited to share this discussion with you with the hopes that it sparks introspection, inspiration and perhaps a deeper curiosity and reverence for the archetypal patterns that both challenge and support our collective human development.

Enjoy the show and remember to subscribe so you don’t miss one and I’ll you there!
Amy and Aphrodite 😉

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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