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Pluck: Organ Meats Made Easy and Delicious

I’m sure you’ve heard me mention many times on my show that ounce for ounce, organ meats are one of the, if not THE most nutrient-packed food sources on the planet but the problem is, most people either don’t like the taste of organ meats or they don’t have a clue how to cook them.

Pluck Seasoning Makes Eating Nature’s #1 Medicinal Food Easy and Delicious!

I am so thrilled I found this because like you, I know the power of food and nutrition to help us live the kind of life we want to live – yet, we’re all so busy it’s really hard sometimes to do it all. So when I found this product I just had to add it to my eStore and share with you.

Pluck is a nutritious and convenient spice mix that not only allows you to get your important but hard to find anti-cancer and anti-aging fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, but also the full spectrum B vitamins (for energy and stress resiliency) as well as iron, zinc, and more!

I use it all the time and love simply sprinkling it over my hot steamed organic veggies, or cooking with poultry, turkey meatloaf, soup or adding it into free range beef.  And the company founder, James Barry, whom I had on my podcast, shared with me, many of his celebrity client use it on their scrambled eggs, or roasted organic nuts or even popcorn…making it “Pluckcorn”!

And in case being a delicious nutritious superfood isn’t reason enough for you to try it out, here are some additional reasons I love Pluck: 
  1. Contains no antibiotics
  2. No added hormones
  3. No gluten
  4. No sugar
  5. No additives
  6. Is ethically sourced
  7. Contains 5 grass-fed, grass-finished organs: liver, kidney, heart, spleen and pancreas
  8. Uses only Redmond’s Sea Salt for added flavor and nutrition

Oh, and it’s  NON-GMO!

Plus guess what, kids and picky eaters love it too! Give it a try – I guarantee NO ONE WILL KNOW you added it to your favorite dish…just tell them after once they start asking for seconds! 😉

Find out more plus get TONS of practical and easy cooking tips from celebrity chef James Barry on episode #131 of my show here.

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