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10 Key components of holistic fitness and fat loss



One thing that I’ve learned in my over 30 years of experience in the fields of wellness and self-development, is that being fit on both the inside and the outside, involves a lot more than just counting calories and working out all the time – certainly if you plan on sustaining it for the long-term AND enjoying it!

This eBook is a simple, yet powerful, compilation of my decades of experience that I reduced to the Top 10 areas for you to include in order to be fit in mind, body and spirit.

You will see how food, exercise, environment and thoughts all have drug-like effects on the body, the mind, energy, mood and motivation.

Whether your goals are to:
Lose excess body fat!
Get stronger and more toned!
Sleep better!
Have more energy!
Control stress and anxiety!
Alleviate depression!
…or just love yourself more, have more confidence and peace of mind… this eBook is about taking back your power and loving your life so let’s go!


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