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COVID-19 Fit Survival Plan



Stay Fit, Healthy and SANE with These Top 10 Lifestyle Tips!

Now more than ever, it’s critical that we prioritize taking care of ourselves in mind, body and spirit by getting proper rest, cleaning up our diets and getting rid of the sugar, artificial chemicals and excess carbohydrates, drinking enough pure, clean water, getting fresh air and sunshine every day, connecting with friends, loved ones or having social and emotional support and controlling or limiting our exposure to electronics and social media to keep our minds and bodies self-regulated and safe!

The best thing you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy is to prioritize your health and your immune system function so your body is strong and can get to any possible exposure to the COVID-19, or any other virus, pathogen or unwanted bacteria!

Following these simple, yet powerful tips will help…let me know…we’re all in this together!

Stay happy and safe, Amy 🙂


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