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It’s just amazing to me how powerful food is to directly affect not only how we look but how we feel and function and I love, love, love showing people how easy it is to set up their lives to use food to do so. From excess weight, to poor sleep, low moods, inability to focus, low energy level and even morning aches and pains, something as simple as what we put in our mouths each and every day has a profound and direct influence on all of these things.


Therefore, although my philosophy is that real, whole FOOD needs to always come first as the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and we must be sure to get our diet dialed in for our biochemically unique and changing needs before we look to pills and supplements, in this day and age of mineral depleted soils, food manufacturing travel times, high toxins, chronic stress and lack of sleep and natural light, I do find it often helpful and necessary to augment a healthy diet with select, extremely high-grade supplements.

That’s where this handy eBook comes in!

In this beautiful, full-color guide, you’ll find my Top 11 Supplements that most people would benefit from by including in their diet.



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