Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!


Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Pure Effect Water Filtration System

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that compares the benefits of the Pure Effect filtration system v. other common filtration options

Countertop, Undercounter and Shower water filters/revitalizers for the widest-range of contaminant reduction for your daily drinking, cooking, bathing and other clean water needs.

Drinking enough water is an essential component of not only good health, but also energy and wellness. In fact, it’s so important, I include it as one of my TOP Foundational Principles of Fitness!

Yet unfortunately, what many consider “water” is actually a cocktail of synthetic and organic contaminants that do not belong there, and due to outdated water quality laws, water treatment plants aren’t required to remove this onslaught of modern day contaminants. In fact, often the disinfection & treatment process itself introduces even more chemicals (chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, anti-corrosives, scale inhibitors and others) into the processed water!

That’s why having a home filtration system is not only necessary, but convenient, and now it’s economical too with this brand I found!

PureEffect Filtration systems are simple, elegant, and extremely effective at reducing the widest possible range of common contaminants like Fluoride, Chlorine, Microorganisms and Heavy Metals, as well as newly emerging contaminants like: Radiation, Drug Residues (Legal and Illegal), Personal Care Products (Cosmetics, Fragrances, Shampoos, etc.) Chloramine (Ammonia+Chlorine), NDMA (highly-toxic byproduct of Chloramine Disinfection), Petrochemicals (oil industry byproducts), and many others which are found in our water supplies.

PureEffect Water Filter Systems protect your drinking water and help restore it back to it’s “naturally pure” state – and by that they do not mean laboratory sterilized H2O stripped of everything but the water molecules – instead, their filters can make the water that enters your body “whole” and “nutritious” again.

These high-quality, high-performance drinking water systems help naturally raise/maintain Alkaline pH, enhance Antioxidant properties of water, and effectively filter out:

Radiation – Fluoride – Pharmaceuticals (Drug Residues) – Bacteria – Heavy Metals – VOC’s (petrochemical byproducts) – Chloramine – Chlorine – Disinfection Byproducts (THM’s, HAA’s, NDMA) – PFCs – Pesticides/Herbicides – Sediment/Particulate – Bad Tastes/Odors & More!