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I’m sure you’ve heard me mention on my podcast, Awakening Aphrodite, about the multitude of damaging and disregulating effects of modern electronics and how the human-made, “non-native” electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can wreek HAVOC on your mind and body. There are just so many reported and scientifically proven detrimental effects such as:

  1. Sleep problems

  2. Inability to focus (ADD-like symptoms)

  3. Skin problems

  4. Weight gain

  5. Blood sugar problems

  6. Infertility problems

  7. Fatigue

  8. Mood disorders

  9. …and more…!

That’s why I’m so happy to now share a fantastic and PRACTICAL remedy to this modern day problem – because we all know that technology, like it or not, is here to stay.

Introducing RA OPTICS!

Glasses that make you feel good!

You see, our body evolved in natural sunlight. It is still essential for our biological function. Yet human-made lights disrupt our hormones, our nervous system, our sleep, and our overall health, day and night (but especially at night). Experts recommend that we should aim to get outside in the morning for 10-15 minutes to set our body’s natural rhythm. That is super important because as I always say, first order of business is to set up your life so you start living in accordance with the Laws of Nature.;)

And since, if you’re like me, and you need to be in front of a computer screen most days, you’ll need to protect your eyes (and pineal gland in your brain and hormones) from the excessive unnatural blue light emitting off the screen which can result in the unwanted symptoms above!

Ra Optics are…

– Developed with the world’s leading experts in light and optics

– Lenses use patented pigment technology to block all of the harmful light for day and night, while maximizing visual quality and color perception

– Frames are made of the highest quality materials available: Italian Acetate and German metal

– Designed and Assembled in California

– Every single lens is tested, and all frames go through rigorous quality control for perfection

– We guarantee 100% that you will be satisfied, and will give you an exchange or a full refund if you are not; you have a whole month after receiving Ra Optics just to try them out, completely risk-free. 



Yellow Daylight Lenses

  1. Designed for people under man-made light during the day, like on screens, in offices, at school, hospitals, big-box stores, and even at home 

  2. Block the harmful blue light in these situations, allowing the brain and nervous system to relax

  3. (The key is that blue light is not bad from the sun because it is balanced by healing near-infrared light. But, inside we don’t have this because most windows block it, and modern lights don’t emit any.)

  4. Natural replacement for extra coffee and energy drinks (as well as cigarettes) and other things people use to perk up or to chill out and “take the edge off”

  5. This is because they prevent chronic over-stimulation, so energy remains more balanced, not going up too much, and also not going down.

  6. Main effects:

  7. Chilling out.

  8. No more eyestrain.

  9. No more headaches.

  10. No more fatigue

  11. More energy throughout the day

  12. Feeling more relaxed

  13. No afternoon crash

Daylight Lenses

– for use in offices, schools, at home; anywhere you want to lift your mood. (You can even use them outside in the sun, if you so desire, to get more red and infrared relative to blue and ultraviolet; however we don’t recommend this for extended periods of time because it’s important to get the full spectrum of sunlight during the day)


– more energy during the day

– natural coffee replacement

– prevent mood swings and afternoon crash

– feel light and lifted during the day

– eliminate eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue from screens and office work

– essential to protect the eyes and brain health of your kids in school


Red Sunset Lenses

  1. Designed for use after sunset to block the light that tricks the brain into thinking it’s daytime when it’s not, allowing for natural melatonin production and preventing melatonin and sleep disruption

  2. Protect the body’s circadian rhythm by allowing it to know when it’s day and when it’s night

  3. Relaxes the eyes and mind, allowing for an amazing feeling of evening relaxation.

  4. Fall asleep more easily and quickly, sleep more deeply, wake up with more energy, and experience better health!!

  5. (Natural alternative to using alcohol, weed, and other drugs to wind down in the evening)

  6. Main effects:

  7. relax naturally in the evening

  8. feel really relaxed without any substances or alcohol

  9. fall asleep more easily

  10. sleep more deeply

  11. wake up with more energy

  12. feel better overall

  13. experience better health and more healing as a result of better sleep

Sunset Lenses

– for use anywhere there is artificial light after the sun goes down


– experience evening relaxation like you’ve never felt in your entire life

– feel your eyes relax, your mind follow, and your entire body sink into a state of calming bliss

– you’ll wonder how anyone lives without them; seriously.

– tell your brain it’s nighttime, so it produces more melatonin, like it’s supposed to

– more natural melatonin production allows your cells to heal properly, so you can wake up with more energy, crush the day, and feel amazing all the time

– more melatonin also means better sleep, better cellular repair, lowered inflammation, and significantly reduces the risk of chronic illnesses, and can help to heal ongoing health issues

– natural replacement for alcohol, weed, sleeping pills, Valium, melatonin, and other depressants.

Also, remember that it is essential to go outside in the morning and get 15-20 minutes of natural sunlight exposure without sunglasses, eyeglasses, or contact lenses, to set your body’s circadian rhythm for the day!

I hope you give them a try – I use mine EVERY DAY and take them EVERYWHERE! 🙂

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