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Raw Wild Dog Food!

I’m sure you love your puppies as much as I love mine and we all know how important getting our nutrition is for our own health, so why wouldn’t what our animals eat be any different?!

Because it’s not! 🙂

Unfortunately we are now seeing many of our pets suffering from many of the same ailments and diseases as people are. Yet it doesn’t have to be so. Eating wholesome, properly grown/raised/processed food is a cornerstone of health so starting there is a smart thing.

But please don’t think that all “healthy” dog foods are alike – it’s really no different than thinking all “healthy” or “natural” brands and labels of human food are alike!

Just like human food – not all are created the same – and a “healthy” diet that works for one, might not work for another. That’s why, just like our own diet, we need to be educated and discerning customers and then pay attention to how those choices are affecting our pets in real life.

I’m thrilled to say, I did my homework on this one (like I always do!), and am pleased to share with you one of the main dog foods I feed my dogs: Raw Wild!

Raw Wild is the most extraordinary dog food on earth!

Frozen Organic Wild Elk & Vension Raw Meat for dogs.

Your dog will thank you!

🦌  99.4% Organic Meat  

🌿  0.6% Vitamins & Minerals 

🧬❌  No Hormones or Antibiotics  

🧪❌  No fillers of any kind

*And if you’re looking for my puppy’s favorite healthy snack and training treats, I got you covered on that too!

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