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Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Reclaiming Aphrodite and Tapping into Your Creative Power, Sexuality, Life Force and Libido

Hello Friend!

I wanted to share with you one of the most popular episodes from my podcast Awakening Aphrodite.

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I’m really excited to share this episode, because today we’re going to talk about our girl Aphrodite and how we can tap into her powers and her essence of magnetism, sexuality, sensuality, the creative force of all of life that’s in all of us, regardless of our physical gender or how we identify, because that’s one thing that you always hear me talk about on this show is that masculine and feminine essence, and energy is, just that: it is an “essence“. It’s an ENERGY. It is not about physiological gender, as much as it is a “being”, a state, which we all have inherently within us.

You see, we’re all born with those two polarities of the masculine and the feminine. All of life has the masculine and feminine. It has the front and the back, the dark and the light. It’s just a matter of what amount of degree is expressed at any given time of one or the other. One is not better than the other. It’s just a matter of also learning to have the wisdom and the discretion to know when it’s best to express more of one of the polarities or less of the other, or vice versa. And that just comes with time and experience as well as your own interests and what you’re trying to achieve.

So a big part of this show is helping us understand this big duality that is who we are and what our life is about, so we can express our true soul and be all of who we really are. Because what I’ve discovered in my life, my five decades on the planet so far is that, wow, we are so much more than we even thought we were. And we have so many more resources available within us that we can tap into that we weren’t taught. We weren’t taught these things, but it’s not too late, because like I always say, where there’s life there’s hope. So this show is about trying to help share this knowledge, this wisdom, these practices, techniques, and ideas with people, so we can really be who we truly are and help bring love, light, energy, and goodness, and healing to the world.

So today’s show, we’re going to get into creativity and we’re going to get into tapping into sensuality and sexuality because that’s where we all came from folks. Yes, believe it or not, we’re all created pretty much the same way. At least as the airing of the show, God knows what science is going to produce in the next few decades to come, but right now, we are all created when sperm meets the egg through the sexual act of procreation.

But the thing that people don’t seem to remember or live in their lives is that same sexual energy is also the energy that fuels our passion, our desires, the creative powers to create a business, to create a beautiful table setting, to create a beautiful outfit, a painting, obviously a child, giving birth, is obviously the act of creativity, creating a new concept, an idea, a community group. These are all from the same source of that creative fire, that creative spark that’s in each of us as individuals. So regardless of your gender, we all have that ability within us. And when we can tap into that sense of creative energy, that sexual fire, that libido, that passion, which is synonymous with life force energy, that’s when we’re in our true power.

So that’s a big part of what this show is about and that’s why Aphrodite is the archetype that I chose because she symbolizes, she embodies, that libido, that creative element that we all have because that’s the element that will make the world better and make our lives better because it fuels us. It gives us energy. Think of something that you’re passionate about, or you feel excited about. It’s an energy, right? And that energy feels good.

One of the main complaints we hear in society is that people are so tired and they don’t have energy. We’re all drinking coffee and Red Bull, and green tea, and all of these things to give us energy, because we all want that juice. We want that fire. Well, what if we could tap into that source just on our own, just from our own imagination, and tapping into our souls calling because our soul is dying for you to tap into that, to come alive and to be born and express itself in the world.

So today I’m going to tap into all of that essence, referring to a wonderful book called Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup, who’s a New York Times bestselling author and a medical doctor. You’ve probably heard of her because of her quite famous book called The Wisdom of Menopause. I’m going to be reading from her book, a passage that I found, and it’s really quite appropriate for our show because this passage is called Reclaiming Aphrodite and as soon as I saw it, I was like, yes, we have to share this with our audience and our friends!

So she writes, “Many ancient cultures had goddesses of love, sex, and pleasure. There was Freyja in Scandinavia, which by the way, is where we got the term Friday of the days of the week, in West Africa, and Rati in India.” These are just to name a few. “It’s interesting to note that the Greek goddess Aphrodite, whose Roman name was Venus, was not just the goddess of beauty, sexuality, and seduction, but also of prosperity and victory. She was also about relating deeply and profoundly to life.”

So she was more than just the goddess of love and sex. And you can hear me talk more about that in episode one and two, where I explained, particularly episode two of the show, where I explained why I named the show Awakening Aphrodite, because one of the things I love about Aphrodite is yes, she was absolutely beautiful. She was the most beautiful goddess. She was the goddess of love, but she was unapologetic in her needs and satisfying her needs, and being who she was. She was the goddess of relationships and relating not only to herself, but to others, and relationships are really what life is all about, aren’t they? So there was a lot more to Aphrodite than just a beautiful face and figure. That’s for sure. And that’s a big reason why I picked her for our archetype on this show. And again, you can refer back to episode two, if you want to hear more about that.

So back to Christiane Northrup…

“The archetype of the sacred sexual goddess, which was Aphrodite, lived in our collective psyches for eons until the rise of agriculture when the collaborative societies that worshiped the goddess were replaced by societies that worshiped the male God. Afterward for thousands of years, cultures around the world tried to deny, suppress, control, and demonize the power of women’s sexuality, severing the connection between women’s bodies and the creative divine life force. These dominator societies were focused more on individual triumphs, rather on collaboration, and the power of the people at the top of the hierarchy headed up by a king or emperor.

And deep down, we know that sex and spirit go hand in hand. In a survey of 4,000 women, Gina found that 47% reported that during orgasm, they had experienced God, while 67% said they needed sexuality to be infused with spirituality to be satisfying. Likewise, Andrew Newberg, MD who studied the relationship between the brain and spiritual belief has suggested in his book, Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief, that sexuality influenced by our ability to experience religious ecstasy goes hand in hand. That’s not something that you’re apt to learn while sitting in a church pew, that’s for sure.

Sexuality is power. It’s our connection with the creative life force. When you connect with your Aphrodite energy, you remember that you’re worthy of receiving what you desire.” I’m going to repeat that again. “Sexuality is power. It’s our connection to the creative life force. When you connect with your Aphrodite energy, you remember that you’re worthy of receiving what you desire.” Remember what I said. She was unapologetic about her desires, her wants, and her wishes.

“You surrender to the sexual energy and other pleasures without fear or displeasing anyone. And you enjoy a bounty of sexual delight that can include multiple orgasms.” Hello, wait a minute. “I got to read that again, multiple orgasms. That just got my attention. So she writes, “When you connect to that Aphrodite energy, you surrender to sexual and other pleasures without fear of displeasing anyone, and you enjoy a bounty of sexual delight that can include multiple orgasms. To embody Aphrodite is to be a diva in the original sense of the word, unapologetic about your longings and cravings and unchecked in your pleasurable pursuits. That’s hard for many of us to imagine because we’ve been taught not to take too much, not to laugh too loudly, not to be too aggressive in getting what we want. We’ve been taught to question our yearnings and make sure we’re not being selfish. To become ageless, we must learn to distinguish selfishness from self nurturing because self-nurturing is the replenishing act of reconnecting to the energy of Aphrodite, the creative and sensual force of life itself.”

I’m going to read that again. “To become ageless, we must learn to distinguish selfishness from self-nurturing because self-nurturing is the replenishing act of reconnecting to the energy of Aphrodite, the creative and sensual force of life itself. To begin to be self-nurturing is to serve the world.”

As Judy Harrow wrote, ‘Aphrodite’s rituals of love and pleasure are the acts which connect the inner and outer planes. We must actually dance, sing, feast, make music, and love in her honor. It is with our bodies that we worship her and through our bodies that she blesses us.’ By these earthly rituals, the false divisions between body and spirit between mind and nature are healed. We find the sacred within us and in all things within our beautiful living mother earth. So you offer your own joy and irresistible deliciousness for others to savor even when you’re recharging your own batteries.”

How about that for a thought, next time you feel selfish and indulging, or giving yourself what feels good or that you really want. Think about that when you’re recharging your own batteries, you’re actually offering your own joy, and pleasure, and good energy, to others as a gift to them. Because remember, that’s the ripple effect, right? We want to be the change that we seek in the world, and we can’t be it if we don’t give ourselves what replenishes and refills own cup. I know it’s easier said than done. I get it. I probably see your eyes rolling as you’re watching this or listening to this. I know it’s hard, but next time you struggle with that, I urge you to think about that. That I’m going to be a better me. I am going to be a more calm person, a more centered person.

It’s funny, a lot of people, if you know me or you follow me on social media, I have a cute little Yorkie named Charlotte who’s a little five pound dog, and she’s adorable, but she’s very, very well behaved. And a lot of people, when they see Charlotte, of course, they want to steal her because she’s so cute, but they’re amazed at how well behaved she is. And I always say that, a big reason why she is well behaved is because I fulfill her needs. I spend time and energy on her. I make sure she’s properly exercised and she has a really excellent diet, and she’s loved, and she has discipline. So she knows the rules and boundaries.

And when we don’t have our needs met is when the bad behavior comes out, right? Like kids nowadays with the pandemic, that’s still going on with homeschooling, and too much screen time, and parents working from home, and people feeling really trapped and isolated and socially frustrated. We don’t have outlets for our energy and our needs is when the trouble begins and we get frustrated and all that energy builds up in our mind, body, and spirit, and that energy just kind of spins around and has nowhere to go, it needs an outlet. So a lot of times our frustrations, and our addictions, our overeating, our overspending, our addictions to social media can all sometimes be pent up frustration at unmet needs. So something to think about when you’re hesitating in indulging in what makes you feel good in your own needs, and that when you recharge your batteries, you’re offering your joy for others. I love that concept.

Yeah. You guys, you know, I think we just have to fight for that minimum amount of self-care, right? It’s like, you can be there for the whole world and be a good person and be a good friend and be there for your family and all that, but you got to be there for yourself. You have to. You have to have that self-love of like, “I need to do this for me.” There has to be non-negotiables.

And then the rest of the world has you. They have you the other 32 hours of the day. You’re there for your kids, your mom, your life, the world. But where’s your time for you? Okay? It has to get in there because that’s your self-respect as well. People always say, “Well, I want to feel more confident. I want to have more body love.” Well, that’s where confidence comes from, you guys, is from not letting yourself down. It’s from not putting yourself last. Okay? It’s not about arrogance or self-importance. It’s about just self-love, taking care of something that is precious that you love.

Believe me, I struggle with it as well, you guys I’m right there with you.

I’m always the last thing. My workouts come last, for sure. Because there’s always a million other things that need my time and attention that are important to me. But I have to fight for me too, because I also know that energy has momentum and when I take better care of me, I’m in a higher vibrational state. I’m at a higher energy state to then take care of others from a higher place. I’m a higher attractor. I’m going to draw good things into me. My creativity soars when I’m eating well and when I’m rested. And when I feel like I have detoxified and got my circulation going and moving my body and releasing tension, I am a better me. So I’m a better service to the world. These are all things we have to dial in on and give ourselves permission to make them a priority, a non-negotiable priority.

So that’s going to be it for today’s show – but I have a lot more to talk about on this subject!

As you know, I have a lot of amazing guests this show – (sometimes I can’t believe some of the ones that agree to come on!) They have so much wisdom and I just love sharing with you some of my mentors and people that I’ve been reading their books and studying their work for years and decades, but I also have a lot to say as well. So there will be many shows that are what is called “solo casts”, which would be just me talking with you.

And boy, I wish you could talk back to me, but I try to think about maybe what you’d be wondering or questioning or what you might say. So trying to make this a two way reciprocal relationship as much as possible, given the technology.

But of course you can always reach me if you want to email me and sign up for my newsletter, which is free to stay in touch…oh and when you do that, by the way, you get a free mini ebook that I wrote(!) …but this is truly a relationship because we’re all in this together. We are all on this journey, searching. We all carry baggage and we all are looking for answers and meaning in life. So I am grateful to walk this past with you, and I hope you enjoy this episode. And again, if you want to hear more like this or any other topic, just send me an email., which is in the show notes.

**By the way, there are show notes for every show. And again, we’re on YouTube at FitAmyTV.

So THANK YOU and a HUGE thank you for those of you who wrote reviews on Apple iTunes. They mean the world to me. They keep me going. Yes, they really, really really matter. So thank you so much. And thank you for those of you who’ve been sharing the show with people you think it might help because that’s going to keep me doing it.

So until next time, go ahead and awaken your Aphrodite! LIVE your Aphrodite! Be that energy: that creative, powerful, non-apologetic life force energy that is the essence of Aphrodite and is the essence of all of us.

Until next time, I can’t wait to be with you again. See you next week on the show.



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