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Sauna Space

Red Light Therapy AND Heat Therapy for convenient Detoxification, Energy, Weight Loss, Mood Support, Beautiful Skin and Pain Management!

I’m thrilled to share this item here with you because it’s something that has improved my life in a MAJOR way and in EVERY way!

I’m sure you know how important detoxification is for it’s rejuvenating, energizing and anti-aging effects, yet unfortunately we are bombarded on a regular basis by things that compromise or even prevent our bodies from doing so.

Combine that with the fact that many of us (like me!) are now finding ourselves spending most of our time indoors, under artificial light rather than the full spectrum of the sun’s rays which we desperately need in order for all of our hormones, neurotransmitters and internal landscape to work properly. This can result in a host of problems including DEPRESSION, LOW ENERGY and MOOD PROBLEMS! (See more on this below)

Introducing a fantastic solution: The Sauna Space Indoor Sauna!

It addresses all of those issues and more and like I said, IT’S CHANGED MY LIFE! 🙂

After knowing the important benefits of sauna therapy, I had been looking for the perfect one that not only:

  1. Did all the things I need it to do (has infrared as well as other wave lengths)
  2. Was also super high quality
  3. Well vetted and verified
  4. Was portable
  5. Could go indoors
  6. Fit in a small space!

Here’s a little on how it works and what makes Sauna Space unique:


How Do Infrared Saunas Work?

All saunas have the same goal: to raise your core body temperature enough to jump-start its natural healing processes. Traditional saunas use steam, fire, or electric heaters to make the air in the sauna hot, which eventually heats up your body from the outside in. Infrared saunas tap into the science of light to help you sweat faster and more comfortably.

Near infrared saunas

Unlike the traditional methods, near infrared (NIR) light works with your body’s biology to create radiant heat—from the inside out. By using near infrared’s shorter wavelengths in a way that mimics natural sunlight, the light penetrates deeply to raise your core temperature faster.

Near infrared saunas give you:

  1. Ultrafast heat therapy
  2. Comfortable air temperatures
  3. Built-in light therapy
  4. Faster sauna sessions

Far infrared saunas

There are many far infrared (FIR) saunas on the market, but these longer wavelengths are absorbed by water, which means they won’t get past the water in the surface layers of your skin. If your sauna relies primarily on FIR, it may take longer to raise your core body temperature.

Another drawback of far infrared saunas is the lack of light therapy. Our bodies don’t have receptors for far infrared light. To remedy this, some brands will add LED light therapy panels, but the combination of these approaches still doesn’t match the effectiveness of how infrared light works in nature.

The perfect combination!

By bringing these two therapeutic approaches into these meticulously engineered saunas, SaunaSpace helps you enjoy relief, relaxation, and wellness at its best!

What Makes This Spectrum Special?

The ThermaLight® bulb has a very similar light distribution to sunlight—peaking in the optimal therapeutic wavelengths of red and near infrared light, then trailing gently into mid and far infrared. The major difference is that we’ve taken out harmful UV and blue light for your health and safety.

Our focus on near infrared isn’t just natural, it’s more comfortable. Because they heat you directly, ThermaLight® bulbs don’t need to make the air in your sauna as hot. You’ll get all the benefits of heat and light therapy, but without feeling the stifling heat of traditional saunas.

How Does Near Infrared Sauna Therapy Affect the Body?

SaunaSpace saunas are a non-invasive way to kickstart your body’s most beneficial processes. This happens in two ways: light therapy (phototherapy) and heat therapy (sauna).

Light therapy

Your body has special receptors for red and near infrared light. The light particles are absorbed by cells’ mitochondria, triggering helpful biological processes and signals. Research shows that this reaction reduces inflammation and stimulates blood flow, oxygenation, circulation, muscle relaxation, and the production of energy at a cellular level.

Heat therapy

The near infrared light in our saunas creates radiant heat that aises your core body temperature by three degrees. That increase in temperature makes you sweat, but it also triggers your natural detoxification response.

Can you see now why it’s so amazing?!

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