Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Self Care and My Top 10 Principles of Wellness!

Lately, as you may have already noticed, I’ve been adding more lifestyle content to the blog as I personally believe that HOW WE LIVE has as much of an impact on our health as how we eat or as how often we workout. For this reason, I’ve chosen to dedicate this blog post to one of my favorite topics: SELF-CARE.

Essentially, I like to think of self-care as something you are doing intentionally for YOURSELF (for your own health and wellbeing). It can take plenty of forms: It could be preparing yourself a bath, starting a meditation practice, or creating a morning routine. Just anything that makes you feel and look good.

Self-care is one of the best tools to manage stress, and when we don’t take the time to properly care for ourselves, we can impact our health in a negative way. For example, without self-care, we could compromise our immune and digestive systems, imbalance our hormones, and deteriorate our mental and emotional health. Practicing a little self-care daily can help us feel amazing, boost our self-esteem, and make us ultimately happier. And who doesn’t need more positive vibes in their life?

Since it’s the season of #GiftGiving, I wanted to remind you to “give” to yourself as well. It’s not selfish to gift yourself with self-care – it’s actually very important! When you create good energy INSIDE YOU, you produce a ripple effect that will improve all aspects of your life.

To start with a self-care practice, I’ll share with you “MY TOP 10 PRINCIPLES OF WELLNESS” that keep me on track and guarantee self-care on a daily basis.

Here it goes:
1. Sticking to the healthy eating habits that work for me (and when I don’t to get back on track!).
2. Moving around during the day to release stress and stay active. (not get stuck at my computer!)
3. Getting some fresh air. (with Charlotte, my puppy)
4. Going outside to take in some natural light and sunshine.
5. Drinking lots of clean water to stay hydrated and energized.
6. Getting to bed by 10pm and sleeping! Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep every day to allow the body to regenerate, detoxify and repair.
7. Making time to rest (yup, I have to force myself to stop working!)
8. Investing in friendships to foster and enjoy social connection, community, support and a sense of belonging.
9. Allowing myself time to goof off, just have fun and play! (working on this one!)
10. Having a sense of purpose, growing emotionally, contributing to the world and a means of self-expression.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Try focusing on these 10 things every day and you’ll find yourself experiencing long-lasting changes. Let me know how it goes!



Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

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