Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

Top 2 Lessons of the Super Successful

Still basking in the wake of the amazing 3-Day Entrepreneur/Business event I went to in Columbus, Ohio at the Summit of Greatness with Lewis Howes which brought together world class speakers and the top thought-leaders from across the planet!

The experience was filled with so many different revelations, both big and small but all of them significant no less. Many people have asked me what the main things I learned from the conference where. I would say there where two top takeaways for me that virtually all of these high achievers had as a similar message and now I want to share them with YOU! 🙂

Take-Away #1

The first thing I learned was that in spite of hardships, struggles and disappointments all these mega-achievers just KEPT GOING!!

They just…kept…going and wouldn’t stop no matter how painful or dark things would seem. This is really great to know because we all face hardships and challenges and come up to times of doubt and worry, wondering if it’s all worth it and questioning if things will ever work out. I know there have been many times with me I’ve been so tied of working hard and putting in so much effort yet still not achieving the outcomes I’ve wanted and I’ve just wanted to quit, give up or just walk away. I’ve even questioned my sanity at times wondering if I had some sort of affinity for punishment or pain! So for me, this was VERY reassuring to hear that struggle and suffering are part of the climb for all high-achievers and that just because things are tough and taking a long time doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path or you won’t achieve your goals one day. It was good to know that I, you, me, WE are no different from them. They don’t have superpowers, or have it “easier” than us or are luckier than us, etc.. Instead, it’s just that often we only see the result or end of the successful person’s journey, when they’ve made it or are at the peak yet what we don’t see is the climb.

Take Away #2

The second thing I learned was that the super successful all had a deep sense of humility and sense of service to others and the bigger picture of life.

They all deeply believed that their success was not about, for or from themselves but both from a higher good and FOR a higher good. I love that so much because that is truly what I believe in my heart as well: that we are given grace to get through the hard times and that we are not here to walk alone even though we often feel like we do and to always remember that God is bringing us home to him and each other.

Thank you Lewis Howes and the School of Greatness Team for your Labor of Love to the world!🙏❤️✨#summitofgreatness #lewishowes #grateful #whatilearned #fitamytv

Get my top 3 strategies to become and stay mentally and physically fit. It’s free!

6 thoughts on “Top 2 Lessons of the Super Successful”

  1. I love this Amy!
    Thank you for sharing.
    I have been following Lewis recently. Truly powerful what he teaches, does and serves. Just like you!
    We must embrace our hardships and even use them as a tool to grow, learn and become better. I know without my hardships I wouldn’t be able to empathize, connect with and serve others on the same level. XO

    1. Hello Tricia!
      How wonderful to hear from you – thank you so much for your comments!:)
      Yes, Lewis is such an amazing person and brings so much value to the world I am in awe of him.
      You summed it up beautifully that our hardships enable use to have empathy and compassion for others and I’ve learned that sometimes that along is the reason and blessing of them! 🙂
      I hope you are well and I see you soon.
      Keep going! 🙂

  2. It’s great to hear such positive feedback and that not all have forgotten the importance of the bigger picture of life and the importance of caring for others along the way.

    1. Hello Lynn!
      Thank you so much for your comments:)
      Yes, it’s a powerful and important message to keep in mind, that many have not forgotten but don’t worry, many of us haven’t! Let’s keep spreading the message of unity, compassion, goodness and inspiration together!

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