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Wild Earth Animal Essences

I am thrilled to share this amazing find with you! If you LOVE ANIMALS as much as I do you’re gonna LOVE THIS! 🙂

I first discovered these powerful healing tinctures years ago in my work and visits with my good friend and mentor, Paul Chek. At several key moments in our time together, Paul would instruct me to take a few drops (under my tongue) of certain tinctures depending on what we where doing and what was needed.

Wow! I felt the difference and the healing magic of the spirit – or “essence” – of the particular animal in my body.

Whether it was the Bobcat essence to help me focus on our work together, or the Baby Tiger to help me get out of my head and lighten up and have some unbound play, I truly enjoyed nature’s little all natural helpers that these essences gave me!

I often say that animals (nature) and children are our greatest teachers and a huge part of my work is helping others reconnect to the wonder, power and majesty of nature – as well as themselves.

I am now so grateful that Daniel, the founder of Wild Essences has created these powerful elixirs for us to reconnect to our true nature and help us come into more balance and harmony!

*Check out Daniel on my podcast, Awakening Aphrodite to hear more!

Here’s a little something from Daniel, the creator:

“I first began developing animal essences for my personal use and was amazed by their effectiveness in my life. Buffalo was one of the first essences I developed, and I was amazed by the grounding and feelings of connection with the sacred Earth that I felt as I worked with this essence over time. I was slowly guided to develop other animal essences and was humbled by the tremendous gifts of energy and healing that they shared in this way. Each animal brought its unique and special gifts of support and healing to me. Friends and family members began reporting similar experiences with these vibrational remedies, and in 1995 I was guided to create a business that would develop a line of essences and distribute them around the world. As I tuned into the animals and further developed my relationship with them there was a strong sense that I was to serve as a bridge between the animal kingdom and humankind.”

I hope you try them yourself. I know you’ll have fun shopping for your own special animal magic blend! Receive 10% off your order by using the coupon code AMY at checkout!